Does anyone know current JW attitude to war, UN etc?

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  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi there everyone,

    I was just wondering what was being said at the meetings these days following the Iraq/UN situation.

    Are they trying to link the situation up to any 'prophesies' while getting their troops fired up and ready for the end?! Or is all this just seen as part of the last days generally.Just curious as I don't get to hear the preseentations at the door and seem to be being shunned again , just wondered if this pointed to anything that's been advised from the platform lately.What's the mood like in the society in light of the conflict?


    Termite x

  • Simon

    (sorry Termite, text was very small so I edited it ... hope you dont mind )

    I wonder how they will try toi square things with their bible prophesy ... they may try the "armies encamped and then retreat and then come back" as being the US being in the area (Gulf War I) then leaving and now being back (Gulf War II) and the place being (literally) Har-Meggadon (well, near anyway)

    However, the whole "giving military power to the wild beast" (the UN) is way off the scale as it's totally opposite to what the UN wanted.

    I'm sure they'll try to tie it in somehow but they have learnt to be more cautious / subtle since the 1975 fiasco. I recall years ago when the UN declared a year of "Peace and Security" (could it get more promising?!) that the speakers at the District Assembly hinted strongly that this "could be it" while not actually saying it:

    "We're not saying that this is the "peace and security" in the bible brotherrrrrrss (you know how they speak) ... but watch this space!" (some laughter (aren't we clever) and applause

  • Mulan

    My JW mother told my JW girlfriend today, that she thinks it's the start of Armageddon. My friend said "But what about Babylon the Great? Doesn't it have to fall first?" A fun moment.

    But, she IS 90. I'm sure she wishes she could see the end.

  • archangel01

    They pretend it's not happening, and that war is wrong. If the war was happening here in the USA they would want the army to help/protect them because they know God is not helping anyone now, so your on your own so to speak until the second coming. You mean to tell me that if your wife was being raped or your kids beaten you wouldn't fight to save them, give me a break!!!!

    They like to use that script " those who live by the sword die by it" They take it out of context of course. What it means is to not be the one STARTING trouble or to cause it in the first place, but that doesn't mean you can't defend/protect yourself or your family/friends if they are in danger.As the man of the house it's a God given law to see your loved ones are safe an well. Also Women as well as Young Children should all know how to defend themselves as well, because these are some crazy times and all need to know how to save themselves if things should arise an get out of hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The WBTS attitude about war?..LOL!!..Preach against "War" make lots of money on magazines that back up that ideaolagy..Next..Make sure you own a company that makes engines for smart bombs and drone planes for the Navy..Either way your making plenty of Ching..Cash$$$$$$$..WBTS may not have any morals,but they got a shit load of cash,LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Dansk

    Hey Outy,

    I haven't seen a single newspaper article about the WTS and the engine part involvement, have you? Has anyone? Surely it's a BIG story?!

  • ISP

    Hi termite!

    Hope you are well.

    As you know, the WTS are 'prophetically-challenged'. The have made lots and lots of crap prophecies in their time.....lets just say the catacylismic events of our time i.e. 9/11 and present conflicts feature nowhere in their repertoire! Need I say more?



  • RandomTask

    I thought Gulf War I was the start of Armageddon, then 9/11, now this war?


  • blondie

    Here's a comment from the paper. Strange way to be neutral.

    Bruce Cook of the Jehovah's Witnesses said his faith takes no stance when it comes to war.
    "We have a long history of neutrality," he said. "We have members all over the world, so if we go to war we would be fighting against ourselves."
    "Should Saddam be removed? Yes. Should he be removed through war? No," Cook said. "Is Bush proving himself to be not much better than Saddam? Yes."

    Friday, March 21, 2003

    War news met with prayers for peace, safety

    By Katie Worth Pacific Daily News;

    Guam's faithful responded with prayer to the announcement of war.

    Catholic altar server Lester Gonzales said yesterday's noon Mass in Hagåtña's Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica was filled to capacity, and he expected an even larger crowd at the 6 p.m. service.

    Tinnah Dela Rosa, 32, of Dededo said she felt it was especially important for her to attend Mass yesterday.

    "I try to come to Mass as often as I can, but I made a more concerted effort today," she said. "I don't believe that we should stop praying for peace just because we're at war now. ... It's not the end of prayer, it should be the beginning."

    Gerhard Schwab, chairman of the Commission on Justice and Development for the Catholic Archdiocese of Agana, explained why he thinks Masses were crowded yesterday.

    "Nobody, not even President Bush, knows where all this is going to go, and in times of heightened insecurity, churches provide some sanctuary, an anchor where we can tie ourselves," he said. "And it is such a sad day for all of us who were hoping for peaceful resolution."

    People of all faiths responded with prayer yesterday.

    "Our prayers are for the human race -- all of the human race, irrespective of who or what they are," said Muslim community member Mena Abawi, 55, of Chalan Pago.

    In a printed statement, Pastor Jared Baldwin of the Harvest Baptist Church said that he and his ministry will continue to pray for peace and for protection of the men and women in the armed forces.

    Gina Burke, wife of the pastor of the Church of God in Yigo, said about half of those in the congregation are military members and their families.

    "We have many services here for them -- Bible studies, support groups for wives. We try to provide that feeling of family away from home," she said.

    Bruce Cook of the Jehovah's Witnesses said his faith takes no stance when it comes to war.

    "We have a long history of neutrality," he said. "We have members all over the world, so if we go to war we would be fighting against ourselves."

    "Should Saddam be removed? Yes. Should he be removed through war? No," Cook said. "Is Bush proving himself to be not much better than Saddam? Yes."

    Altar server Gonzales said he also believes the war is premature.

    "I think our president has too much pride, and didn't want to back down," he said.

    But Gonzales said he is staying positive.

    "There's always hope for everything."


  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hi Simon, you can adjust me anytime baby

    That was an interesting 'armies' quote- nicely slipped into the situation- the writing dept could do with you.

    I remember being told that the mount is only 70 feet high and the plain too small for the battle; they've never put in a suggestion for another venue have they?

    Mulan- they've made that Babylon statement so often and it's in the literature in black and white ; you're right- they'll have to stick to that one! The likelihood of that happening is so far fetched they surely must be wondering about how they are going to make the time scale seem feasible now- I know they've moved the goal posts regarding 1914, but even they can't expect their members to keep in expectation for much longer.

    Archangel,just give them enough rope...they'll not dissapoint you...

    Outlaw, I expect there are alot of frightened people out there ready to take the magazines- you're right- this conflict will be a nice little earner as well as getting people in the right frame of mind for future calls and religious terror tactics.They've been swarming around my area lately, and seem to coming out of a lot of houses , not just standing at the door.

    Random; let's hope that as your list grows the realisation may dawn for more people

    Isp, hi- i'm fine- how's your lovely family? I think you're right regarding 911 etc- they can afford not to mention it now as they've given up on hard prophesy as Simon said and are very unwilling to commit compared to when I was studying- they just seem to play the 'no one knows' card now- but i'm sure the talks from the platform must be quite excitable at the moment.

    Blondie thanks for that- who the hell is Bruce Cook and why is he talking to the papers- that's a new tactic is'nt it? I see what you mean- neutrality with an edge of politics and some personnal opinion thrown in... I can't help feeling he'll get a chat from others about that interview .

    The WTBS has already stated that the seventh head is the Anglo/US dual power.They say that this alliance will continue into the time of the end- in the territories that the modern day witnesses first became established.

    Bush mentioned 'peace and security' five times in his address to the world when military action began- Bush seems keen to announce that state and may actually declare peace and security when he's dealt with his next project, Israel. It would be very interesting to see as a consequence of the situation the UN is strenghtened as predicted in the revelation book . I'm just hoping they'll stick their necks out and get fired up to preach a huge campaign crying an imminant end to the world and loose face with their bible studies. Fingers crossed.

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