Does anyone know current JW attitude to war, UN etc?

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  • In_between_days

    All I can say from what JW's I know, that they are VERY excited about this war. A friend came over after the last convention and said that he had never seen the society like this, I quote "They really think this is it" . Everytime I talk to my family, they are also very excited, they are waiting for the UN to be destroyed, then false religion. "All the prophesies are coming about" as quoted by another JW. My mother was going to a special talk the other day that would "Let us know what all these things mean in significance to bible prophesys".

    So from what I can see from the JW's I know, they YET AGAIN think this is it.


    Hey Dansk,it`s only a big deal with us..Nobody else gives a shit...OUTLAW

  • Wolfgirl

    "are waiting for the UN to be destroyed, then false religion."

    I thought the UN was supposed to destroy Babylon the Great. When did they change that?

  • blondie

    Another article with comment by JW on war and prophecy:

    Churches divided on meaning of Gulf War
    Some say it's a fulfilment of prophesy; not so, say others
    PAT ROXBOROUGH-WRIGHT, Observer writer
    Sunday, March 23, 2003 (excerpt follows)
    Those like Calvin Simpson, a representative of the Jehovah's Witnesses, say it's not a significant milestone, rather a part of a composite sign that the end is near.
    "That is the most important thing right now," said Simpson, whose sect's most defining characteristic is the emphasis placed on door-to-door evangelising.
    He told the Sunday Observer that Jehovah's Witnesses would be intensifying their campaign to spread the scriptures by putting even more hours into their evangelical ministry.
    "We have three categories of members, the publishers, who spend about 10 hours each month; pioneers, who give about 70; and auxiliary pioneers, who we will be asking to give about 50," he said.
    Their message will involve an analysis of world events to support the theory that Armageddon, the battle described in the Bible, is at hand.
    "Definitely, we are saying Armageddon -- a spiritual battle which will see the forces of evil being destroyed by Jesus Christ -- is near, we don't know when, no man knows the day nor the hour, but just like a woman about to have a baby, we are at that stage when it can happen any time," said Simpson

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