Looking for my little sister.

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  • DeadmanWalking
    • I have a little sister havnt seen or heard from in 20 years she was da for attending a church she was 17 at the time she moved out and lived with a family not Jw's in fact they are very a posed to Jw's the past 20 years I've tried to make contact she won't respond all I know is she's got kids 2 or 3 of them she lives outside Charlotte NC and works for a insurance company as an underwriter. I think her husband is a police officer ? Being back in her life having a niece or nephew to watch grow up would be nice. May be a long shot but if anyone thinks they know her message me and I'll give more details. Thanks everyone...

  • Crazyguy

    She is probably thinking your trying to get her back in. Many people when they leave the cult they want nothing to do with it or the people in it, it's just to much for them to handle and a clean break is the way they go. Hope your able to make contact.

  • DeadmanWalking

    My thoughts as well that's why I'm trying to find someone who knows her to arrange a reunion thx

  • LongHairGal


    I hope you find your sister and have a reunion! I wish you the best of luck!

  • Saethydd

    Have you already tried finding her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? I was able to get back in touch with my non-JW cousin through Facebook. I just sent him a message explaining how sorry I was for the years I had spent not talking to him, then I told him how much I missed him and wanted him back in my life. Maybe that could help here too.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    If you know the company she works for, send her a letter in care of her work address marked "Personal" and give her your contact information and explain that you only want to reconnect wit her, no strings attached.

  • DeadmanWalking

    I think I found her husband thur his employment I just finished sending him a email explaining my intentions and left it up to him. I've tried regular channels never had a response. I'll let y'all know what happens. Thx

  • pale.emperor

    Look what this cult does. It's tragic. If this religion didnt exsist we wouldnt have to go through situations like this. Deadmanwalking i sincerely hope you manage to reconnect with your sister. Keep us posted.

  • steve2

    "past 20 years I've tried to make contact she won't respond"

    I'm a little confused: Have you actually made contact with her and she wouldn't respond - or do you think you may have contacted her (e.g., sent a letter but not sure whether she got it?). I'm not sure what you mean by "she won't respond."

    I'm not suggesting you give up trying to contact her, but she may well have other reasons for keeping her distance. Sometimes when people build their own lives away from their family of origin, it is just too painful to get reminders of the past. She may well and truly have moved on.

    If anyone here does know, please, please be discreet in handing out addresses, phone numbers etc. Perhaps us pm and not post personal details here?

  • DeadmanWalking

    I got it Steve2 I've not tried to contact her for many years the last time I talked to her was 20 years ago I sensed her pain I know why she's cut off her past. Yes I must be careful I think I've contacted her husband thru his email address I found were he works as a police officer I've never met him I introduced myself and explained my intent with least amount of info (may not be him) I left it up to him rather to decide if we should reconnect or not I reckon if anybody can figure that one out itd be him. For now I'm leaving it alone. I'm keeping this attempt for contact to myself no one else especially other members of my family knows.

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