Convention 2019: Children told don't form emotional attachment to pets!

by Nathan R. Koppe 64 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • LV101

    What I use to contribute to the evil dark WT I donate to charity for dogs and have never felt more spiritual. I plan on bequeathing every extra dime possible to animal foundations.

    That stupid cult and their crazy nonsense. The best thing every JW child can possess is a loving pet -- think the government should enforce -- poor children growing up hearing all the negative lies the cult blathers.

  • Humphry

    They want to be in control of every feeling a child has and let nothing come before their love for Jehoohoowuwaa and his earthly organization. This kind of stuff should hang these guys in court about being abusive to kids and their tender emotions. With their court room track recorder of huge lawsuit pay outs that they try keep hidden from their members while they teach this utter garbage to kids with threats of disfellowshipping, to make sure they really listen.

    The GB are treading of some very slippery ground here. You bet the lawyers hoping to get their hooks in them before they go bankrupt to which they better hurry.

    These GB asshole need to be put behind bars they are criminals the way they treat kids and threaten them. They are desperate fools that will stop at nothing to keep people under their control.

  • waton
    Nonjwspouse, that cat with the eyes looks demonized.

    No, reflected light has twice the power of absorbed light (look at NASA's shiny solar sail projects). so, It is just that predators have good night vision.

    please keep your cats in house, hunting domestic mice ! and spare the wildlife, our birds.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Just follow the money, as previously mentioned, WT probably wants the money that pet owners spend on supplies and medical care. Sometimes pets get surgeries that can cost into the 1000s. You know that money should be given to WT instead!

    Pets are like family members. Telling JWs to stop loving their pets may wake them up faster than anything else. Well, that and telling them they have to quit watching sports!

  • HiddenPimo

    Animals Don’t Shun Their Owners.

  • WTWizard

    Another way to strip all joy and pleasure out of life, adding to the fun-is-bad working. They can't celebrate holidays, they can't go on class trips, they can't take sports, they can't have dates at school, they can't go to college, they can't even take vacation without wasting it all on field circus. Nor can they enjoy an ice cream cone or save money for something they want (such as a video game) instead of getting it from their parents.

    And now pets? This, to me, sounds like they are doing all they can to make us into a race of greys. And, they are doing a pretty good job of doing it. Worse, when the people obey, they are putting psychic energy into The Establishment passing laws where everyone is equal to everyone else. Already, it has stripped all the fun out of work and school in the guise of "sexual harassment" (whatever that term means--I guess living on a planet where members of the opposite sex are affected by the same star). All in preparation for Noahide Law, which is coming like it or not. The more people detach from pets (and anything else that is fun) in the name of religion, the easier a time they are going to have imposing full Noahide Law worldwide.

    I think I would rather get killed by a 96 pound hail stone than live forever under Noahide Law.

  • atomant

    Whilst the world is going mad all around us it seems the society is in hot pursuit as well. Havent the mutts in WT heard of seeing eye dogs and the wonderful work they provide for their blind owners?btw l have 2 beautiful pet rabbits that love me to death.

  • sir82

    Oh, that's going to go over really well.


    It's telling that at Bethel, there are no pets and no children. So it's hardly surprising that the "literature" / videos / talks about kids & animals is at best tone-deaf, and better described as cruel & unusual.

  • jwleaks

    β€œThou shalt have no other dogs before me.” - Jehovah Dog

  • truthlover123

    Can I say this is just a crock! Who are these people anyway? If you have a belief system based on scripture, then its almost automatic… these animals were to be shown respect as creations of God...they are always preaching about having animals at peace in the " new system" bear, lion, snake, -- this is just weird that they will get into someones mind about this and for me, when this is mentioned, I am going to laugh and see what the reaction is around me....

    Look into an animals eyes and see the "wisdom" they have,, they do cost money -- food, medical- but they are worth it in so many ways- police, disability, pal, friend, protector... the list goes on


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