What Do You Think About The Police?

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  • minimus

    Some people are very suspicious of the police. Some folks value policemen and women. I’ve had experience with some. I have known a lot of cops over the years because of my business. They are like elders. Some can be very nice and not go by the letter of the law while others are just black or white in their thinking.

    Whats your opinion of law enforcement?

  • Biahi

    I think they’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. Thinking of Michael Brown and Labuan McDonald.

  • minimus

    Some seem to be quick on the draw. But I wouldn’t want that job. Too many haters out there

  • jesscd

    Great band!


    I can't stand losing you is a classic that does not get it's musical due....

  • Humphry

    I wouldn't want the job but I think they serve a good purpose in establishing some type of law and order, I look at them as officers of the peace. Hey some guys on the force might not be that good but all and all I'm glad they do the job they do.

  • I believe in overlapping
  • blondie

    Way more good than bad, from an in-house perspective. One thing I have learned, do not argue with the person with the gun, try to defuse it if you can. Police are somewhat like firefighters, they run in where others fear to go not knowing what they will find. You never know when a simple situation can escalate into a dangerous one. The worst situation for police is a domestic violence situation. Many times the victim can become the aggressor.

    BTW, I worked in the jail, no guns allowed, but still big, strong angry people who can be on drugs/alcohol or both and very upset at being arrested and brought in. I saw 3 grown men not able to subdue "nicely" one out of control man. Or one officer have his index finger almost bitten off by a woman out of control on drugs. Or the guy who kicked the hole in the check-in desk, etc. These people were not being seen at their best at that time.

    Then there are those that are not a credit to their profession. Those people deserve to lose their jobs and I have seen more than you think lose their jobs. I was not shy about bringing their flaws to the attention of the people who were charged to handle that.

    I went over to one woman's house to help her clean it up and fix things. She was so happy, and I felt better than I ever had in the jw D2D work. I helped people find the resources they needed. I also saw many of my colleagues do the same. I worked with juveniles that came from situations similar to my own and tried to be the kind of adult that had helped me.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where bad news is more exciting to too many viewers and readers. Good people's deeds are too boring. Just my observations.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I believe in overlapping: The problem with the bad ones is that they often get away with the help of the "good" ones. Case in point, the cop that shot Daniel Shaver was declared innocent while the jury didn't even have access then to the full video that is now available on youtube. Why? Because "good" cops will protect bad ones, right or wrong.

  • WTWizard

    The cops are generally trying to get their jobs done. But, when we have Antifa making their jobs impossible, and every time they try doing their job, there is hoopla about shooting unarmed [insert protected group] person, they simply cannot do their jobs. (Usually, the facts that the "unarmed" person did credibly threaten to pull a weapon, was wanted for a violent crime, and/or did attempt to physically harm the officer or an innocent bystander.)

    And there are always a few bad ones out there, watching for those who are trying to defend themselves to arrest. But, it is our lawmakers that are primarily at fault, because all they need do to bad cops is fire them. Also, in areas where all the cops see is [protected group] committing crimes because they are protected, they are bound to be more aggressive because of reflexes (and vilified when the media tells half the story to the public).

    Just wait until Noahide Law comes. Israel is close to getting that third temple, we are close to getting their messiah to bring in Noahide Law, and I think that Iran war is going to trigger this soon. Once Noahide Law comes, we will all have to get brain RFID chips (the hand ones will not be good enough) that will identify anyone that violates Noahide Law in any way, and they will have drones come in and chop off the head of the one violating such law. To me, that will be worse than anything we now have--and it is the ultimate goal of both Bible and Quran. When jokehovian witlesses realize that this is the "paradise" they are working for, it will be too late.

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