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  • RandomTask

    What is so bad about fake boobs?

  • Mulan

    They are FAKE and the LOOK fake.

  • bikerchic

    ....but Mulan do they FEEL fake?

  • LB
    They are FAKE and the LOOK fake.

    OK, before she became skin and bones those fake boobies didn't look all that bad. Now they're starting to I agree.

    Women that only "sparkle" when there are men around are so shallow,

    Mak, I think back during the single predator days I used to rely on women like this actually.

  • Mulan

    Not from personal experience, but I've heard they feel different.

    Not ever having had that problem, of too small boobs, it's hard to be sympathetic. I'd like to get reduction. I am sympathetic though...........the gals I know who are small, are tortured by it. I admit their clothes look nicer when they have some roundness there.

    Pamela Anderson is just gross though.

  • Makena1

    LB, I agree with you - shallow women certainly have their place! You must have been quite the player!

    Actually, Sabine didn't realize that I was logged on, and posted under my name. Even if I was to access my "feminine side", I probably could not have come up with a post like that. LOL

    Mulan - didn't Pam Anderson have breast reduction surgery?

    I have missed a lot of episodes this go round, so do not have an affinity with any of the players - however, I get a kick out of Josh.

    Who do you think will get the money?

    All best,


  • dubla
    They are FAKE and the LOOK fake.

    personally, i think fake ones look great (even when you can tell they are fake). theyre big and perky, what more can you want? aa

  • calamityjane

    Speaking of Heidi's boobs. I think I remember one episode, where she admitted they were silicone issue. So i don't think she was trying to hide that fact that they are fake.

    And yes they look ugly on her, she is too skinny and they just don't look right

    Must have been a Walmart special

    P.S. And yes Heidi has to go, besides her boobs being fake, her personality is fake.

  • Liberty

    Heidi is one strange looking chic. Some of the guys on the show were talking about how hot she was and I was thinking, you've got to be kidding. She talks funny too along with her constant self referencing as "one of the cute girls", and those out of context boobs stretching that sickly thin skin from her rib cage all make me want to gag. I have a running argument with one of the guys at work who thinks Heidi is hot too, I just don't get it. She looks unhealthy to me, not just stressed, dirty, hungry, sleep deprived, and thin but more like she's an alien on death's door. Jenna is way too skinny but she has a pretty face, nice hair, and still looks healthy, though she has an off-putting arrogance I find annoying. The whiner Shawna is cute and also still looked healthy despite her claims of not being able to go on. Christy seems the most approachable and down to earth and doesn't seem to be as affected by the harsh conditions as the younger girls despite her disability. Deena seems oblivious to the conditions around her and looks the same as when she arrived, she seems very cold and matter of fact, maybe just what is needed on a show like this though she is an advertized open threat to the other players. I found the gender divided teams idea to be very interesting and have been fascinated with the women players and their lack of unity which surprized me considering that I didn't think egos would be as much of a factor for the women as the men. Boy, was I wrong.

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