If you had the power ....

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  • zeb

    The minute you ban some thing a zillion people want to join for all the wrong reasons and you then 'glorify' (in their minds)all the blunders and pain the group has caused.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    The reason religious institutions are not taxed in the U.S. is because of mutual arrangement that was made between the state and church.

    Government would not tax them because they can use that power to favor one religion over another. The church in turn would not engage in political affairs. It's part of the separation of church and state. If you remove one the other will fail.

  • notalone

    All religions must pay all 'volunteers' or member's of 'religious orders' a working wage.All religious corporations would pay the same taxes as any other corporation They must contribute fully in their countries toward the social security system. They would be subject to worker's comp. There can be no parallel judicial system.There would be no religious exemption for reporting crimes.Any violation of personal rights would face specific fines

  • OnTheWayOut

    Coming right to banning them would feed their persecution complex- their thought that Satan is against them and soon Jehovah will make things right.

    If I had more of an idea of what "If you had the power...." means, I would have a better answer.

    If I had the power.....
    I would reveal (in a highly entertaining way) what Science knows and why ALL religions are a scam.
    Religion would consider my broadcasts to be propaganda against them (and they would be right).
    Hopefully, people would not want to be part of religion anymore.
    I would tax religion.
    I would do the benevolent things that some religion tries to accomplish-
    I would tax the rich and give to the poor.
    I would do everything to aid children to grow up healthy and educated.

  • scratchme1010

    ...would you choose to ban the JW religion?

    If you wouldn't ban them what, if any, changes would you force upon them?

    Donald Trump, is that you?

    No, it's not ok to ban a religion, any religion. It's illegal, it's immoral, and in USA goes completely against the principles upon which the nation was formed.

    I wouldn't force any changes either. Since this is a fantasy, totally unreal, not-ever-existing-and-never-will-scenario, I think that "forcing" might not be the right word to use. I have zero respect for that organization, but I do defend their right to exist as a religious organization. So in my if, fantasy, never happening scenario, the leadership of the WT will be receptive to obtain feedback from the actual needs from their own people. I'm sure that if they decide to hold a focus group, the JWs themselves could create a great transformation for the better. But again, it's an if, fantasy, never-will-happen scenario.

  • blondie

    If I had that kind of power, I wouldn't waste it on the WTS.

  • Diogenesister
    wouldn't force any changes either. Since this is a fantasy, totally unreal, not-ever-existing-and-never-will-scenario,

    You're wrong. They will be *forced* to change their child protection policy on pain of various penalties, probably removal of charitable tax status. And they *will* comply, believe me, money is their no.1 priority.
    It may take longer in the US but it will happen. Europe and UK Will be first to do this.

    I would ensure Elders are forced to undergo child/ vulnerable adult protection training that is * if they wish* to be considered a *religion* at all.

    Personally I would love to remove their charitable status completely as they DO NOT PROVIDE ANY CHARITABLE services. Whether they consider themselves a religion or not is irrelevant. The *organization itself* does not provide anything. The individual members provide the studies and pay for the tracts they give to the public. They are not free.

    I would also ensure, somewhat as Bulgaria has pulled off, that refusal of blood is a matter of conscience. Pregnant and delivering mothers will undergo extensive counselling or refusal of blood will be considered the result of illegal undue pressure and removal of true autonomy.I would also ensure medical staff are informed of the truth behind HLC and effects of shunning.

    But no, I would not ban them. I would not want a fascist state, nor to play into their hands.

  • Diogenesister
    All religions must pay all 'volunteers' or member's of 'religious orders' a working wage

    That's a great idea and will prevent many ills.

  • schnell
    There are worse things in the world, and it's in decline anyway.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    "If I had the power,"in writing each prospective person must go over the rules before becoming a JW, a contract. In the contract they must state what will happen if you leave, blood, the world is evil,past predictions, rules for chid abuse and child sex predators. If a person is made aware of the evil of this organization and they still become a JW, then more power to them...Let the person know, we are not a 100% cult, maybe around 75%.....

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