What made you walk out on the "Truth"?

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  • Diogenesister

    TD what is a control rod please? And what does the acronym SCRAM stand for? ( Great threads, by the way!)

  • Davros

    When narcissistic, abusive, drunken scum get appointed as elders and claim (insist really) that they are appointed by Holy Spirit.

  • Phizzy

    It always fascinates me with Threads on this theme, that there are SO many reasons why people leave, and again, the actual "Straw that broke the Camels back" is usually different for all who have left.

    These are more often than not people who have lived the religion as they were expected to, really believed it was at least mainly " the truth" , and yet they have left, for MANY different reasons, all things that are wrong with the religion, that prove it is not " the truth".

    Millions have left, yet it does not register with those still in that there is anything wrong. They are Mind Controlled, once that control is breached, they join us as Happy Ex-JW's.

  • Gorb

    Initial the 1995 generation change started my independed thinking.

    Since 2008 faded under the radar, we moved to an other city, since then free.

    4th generation.


  • under the radar
    under the radar

    The "straw that broke the camel's back" for me was the crap in the "Revelation Climax" book about the angels' trumpets foretelling various WT conventions in the 1920's. I could hardly believe they expected people to swallow that tripe.

    Then I read Ray Franz's Crisis of Conscience and that confirmed for all time the decision I had already made.

    The Truth© is not the truth. Never was. What's worse, the organization has gone from merely being filled with religious error to becoming a prime example of an authoritarian mind-control money-grubbing cult ruling over its sycophants with greedy iron hand while masquerading as God's spokesmen. It could give the most egregious televangelist in history a run for his money.

  • jwundubbed

    For me, it came down to my priorities. The truth about life and death will never outweigh my priorities in treating people in an ethical manner and in being true to myself. The JWs, as both a social standard and in their doctrine treat people in an unethical manner and they ask most people to be untrue to themselves. I cannot live that way. The offer to live in a future paradise with people who live that way is not a promise I want made to me. It comes as a relief that I will never have to live with the JWs in any way, ever again.

  • TD
    and they ask most people to be untrue to themselves.

    Well said.

  • Overrated

    Serve Gee-hober! Hand over your wallet and give up all your time to Us. You owe us one . Forget about your Dreams and Desires, you're our little hoe!

  • LongHairGal


    The proverbial ‘straw’ for me was that 1995 article on Generation. I knew it was over and I could No longer continue in the JW religion.

    The decision was instantaneous as I heard it. I planned my ‘Fade’. For somebody like myself who was soft shunned because I worked full time and refused to be targeted to do favors, Fading was relatively easy.. I only had a few friends there. I was also damn glad I held onto my job and resisted the criticism of hypocrites and Users.

    In the time leading up to my Fade I heard a few excuses and rationalizations for the teaching. But, I was on my way Out. I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy and BS another minute.

    I think many JWs privately did some hard thinking after this and either exited in the several years after that OR if they had any sense..made sure they got a career and started saving for their retirement. They woke up out of their stupor...They kept it to themselves but knew in their hearts they had to think differently.

    There is a last straw for everybody and this was mine.

  • Overrated

    Higher Education and having a good career to support yourself(family included) was frowned on and discouraged. Teaching that where not in the bible but made up for an agenda. Ever changing teaching, Don't do what we do but do what we say. There was I time where Watchtower Discouraged education, then later on, wanted skilled people for their projects. WTF? I tell everyone, Watchtower will use you for all you got and chew you up and spit you out.

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