E cart witnessing on our way to see Shen Yun in San Francisco

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hey Diogensister, Regarding Shen Yun... a beautiful display of dancing, I loved the scarves, shields, swords, "handkerchiefs ", etc. They used a video screen in the background that had animation, and they coordinated the dancers with the screen. When one of the gods came down from heaven, the dancer popped up from behind the 3 stairs at exactly the right time, and it was a spacial/ interspacial display... Pretty cool.

    One surprise was how much 'religion' was involved in the presentation. They have about 15 acts or dances with 2 announcers explaining the meaning. It starts way back in ancient Chinese history, and works it way up to the modern day with Communism not being tolerant of "Dafa" teachings.

    They had 2 singers that sang solo songs that were religious... Reminded me of JWs. "God from heaven saw men, things are getting worse from evolution and atheism, god will return and fix things." My husband said it was like a combination of the Mormon religion and Star Wars, haha!

    We sat in the 2nd row from the front (I love dance, and did not want to miss anything!) and that was pretty pricey, $200 each! I believe you could sit 19 or 20 rows back and be able to observe very well.

    It is a great experience, I would pick the $100 seats next time, but both of us are inspired to take on new adventures, visit new places, meet more people!

  • stuckinarut2

    Good work cha ching!

  • smiddy3

    If they put themselves on public display such as cart witnessing in public areas then they shouldn`t complain if ex JW`s approach them in conversation ?

    Right ?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    C.C. good job by both of you. In our little neck of the woods I have only seen one E cart. It was downtown on a very busy street. The only time we have seen any witnesses around here is at grocery stores and restaurants. They are very easy to spot. Everyone including the kids are all dressed up. They look so out of place around here. Right now it is 0 degrees with a wind chill of -26 with snow and blowing snow. So I don't think I will be seeing any E carts on street corners today. Lol. You all take care. I hope you had a great day in San Francisco. Still Totally ADD

  • WingCommander

    You are shooting yourselves in the foot by telling them your husband is DF'd or said anything against the Org. Don't do that!!! Once you do, they completely shut down and refuse to really listen to a thing you say, cuz: APOSTATE ALERT!!

    Use your brain and "Theocratic Warfare", and omit that you even had anything to do with the Witnesses. Just claim you've seen and read about these things on the news and ARC.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Haha, I know WingCommander! It is so different to be on the other side of the table.... I haven't had much practice it's kind of like 'going out in service' for the first time. My husband didn't like me telling them he was DFd either.

    Next time, I will ask questions like:

    1. If you were in a congregation with a pedophile, was asked by the victim to testify, would you? even if you knew you would get DFd for doing it?

    Then let them answer, and say "I know someone who did" (I do not have to let them know it was my husband)

    2. You are going to call the police first? Really, did you get something written? Because I just saw a video that said..... and just read a document that said......

    However, that being said, I seemed to know these guys, after all we went to conventions in SF, and have lived here for 60 years, so we have come to know/recognize many witnesses. These first two guys were not as 'programmed' as the next, and I was peering into their eyes, like we had a connection (lol)

    Anyway... I haven't told my WORST story yet... not sure I will tell it on this forum, haha.... Every time I think of it, I laugh hysterically.... and say "OMG, how could I?" I think I will tell anyone who comes to the aposta-feast this year who wants to know. Only in person, so I can 'peer into your eyes', haha!

  • Dagney

    cha ching...you are so cheeky and mysterious! lol

    I'm still figuring out what I want to say to the cart people.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dagney, you are going to diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee when you hear what I said! LOL

  • LisaRose

    I have heard that Shen Yun is part of Falun Gong, a cult, although I do not know if it is true or not.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hey Lisa, I believe you are spot on.... I was kind of weirded out about the religious overtones.... The two 'announcers' (a handsome white man who spoke both english and chinese, and a pretty chinese woman who spoke both E&C) would come on stage between each dance and explain what we would see next...... they had the audience learning how to speak 'chinese'/ mandarin and pronouncing 'Shen yun' and explaining:

    Shen (神) is a general term for divine being, indicating the myriad deities, Buddhas, and Taoist immortals in Chinese spiritual traditions. Yun (韻) means rhythm and conveys a person's entire bearing. ... That's the meaning of the name Shen Yun.

    So, yes, it was a tiny bit weird,(not so weird I could not enjoy the dancing) I started to feel like I was at a 'recruitment' in a sort of ways.... but I resisted! haha! My husband enjoyed the comparison of religion, and he said it reminded him of the Mormon religion (where they think they return to heaven and become 'gods') and from that angle it was interesting.

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