God wipes out humans/wickedness in Noah's Flood but somehow wickedness returns

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  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    Just playing devil’s advocate here folks…

    Here are my thoughts as to how this could all be explained that the flood was needed. I thought of all of this as a young man after reading “Angels and Women” (which I wrote about in my first book I found in the Bethel library.)

    This was my thinking on why the flood had to happen:

    First, the Nephilim blood line needed to be taken out of the human gene pool.

    Satan did his level best to completely “ruin” God’s creation by introducing an abomination of Angel/Women hybrids. This “ruined” the Earth, not just with violence itself, but with violent beings who were part of the gene pool. Getting rid of this gene pool could not be done in one fell swoop however. At least one of Noah’s son’s wives could have had some of that nasty blood-line in her, so it persisted even after the flood. It persisted to a lesser degree however, but showed up later in the “sons of Anakin” you know, Goliath like people. But God wiped them all out as because He insisted that the Isrealites never intermarry with these folks. This drastic measure wasn’t just for religious purity, it was for the genetic elimination of the Nephilim once and for all. Thus, the genocide of many peoples written about in the books of Moses were spelled out specifically. With the last of those people gone, the last of the Nephilim bloodline was gone too. Gene pool ruination score: God 1, Satan 0.

    Second, the Earth itself needed to be changed.

    I never could figure out exactly why God didn’t make the Earth the way it is now right from the start, but it seems that the old Earth, one with a water canopy above and a fountain of water below had to change. What God would have done to cause this change should Adam NOT have sinned, I haven’t the foggiest idea. Maybe he would have had them build a TON of arks to save themselves. Or maybe God just knew ahead of time Adam would sin and the Earth would have to change in this way anyway… unknown answer… It is a very philosophical question actually, did God KNOW Adam would sin? Of course! He’s omniscient. But knowing something would happen and being responsible for it are two different things. He gave men free will to screw up in lieu of creating robots who did as they were programmed. But He knew which route they would take too.

    Anyway, the Earth changed, continents moved, polar ice caps formed, mountains formed, deserts formed, the Grand Canyon formed, Wooly Mammoths are trapped in ice with buttercups in their mouths, etc. Without the flood, the Earth wouldn’t look like it does now. Which is freaking beautiful. Anyway, that was my theory as a child.

    Third, to show God’s power

    The flood is used in the Bible as a cautionary tale and an indicator of how God can and will step in on a worldwide scale when He decides to. Yes wickedness returned after the flood, but that was because it was still baked into us. Yes, He could use Angels to do his work again (and has, example 185,000 Assyrian soldiers killed by one Angel in one night), but he also can use nature itself. The Red Sea, the giant hailstones, serpents, earthquakes opening up and swallowing, etc. All of this is to be a precursor of even an even greater display of God’s wrath on the entire Earth during judgement day. I had always imagined that God would use every kind of destructive force when he decided to… floods, earthquakes, angels, animals, pestilence, fire, brimstone, hailstones, Donald Trump tweets…

    Again, Devil’s advocate…

    Now, go ahead and tear this apart… :)

  • jookbeard

    the thing is though Brock the flood was not global even a true theist would sooner or later have to admit it was localised, and there is tons of evidence of tribes spread throughout the Earth that lived prior and after the flood, how do we know the Nephellin didn't reach some far flung corners of the Earth and reside, they are fallen angels I'm sure they were capable of it.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The issue raised in the OP is that God’s judgement on his children by killing them did not resolve the matter of people being people and wanting to express their individuality. On reflection the story of the flood could show that the heart of humanity is actually not in favour of being governed by a God.

    The first thing to learn about the Bible is that it is not true.

    The flood account even reads like a myth. How illogical for eight people to gather samples of every species on the Earth and build a giant ship to float them. How unreasonable that God would use the rainbow as a symbol of his promise never to flood the earth again and kill off most of its inhabitants-- how charitable of him! Especially is this so when later religionists in the Bible promise another dose of global genocide at Armageddon.

    Folklore without the pretence of being sacred doesn’t have to make sense, what it does do is harmonise or explain away the unexplainable.

    I would however say that the flood never existed. There is sufficient evidence from earth sciences that it never happened, there is an unbroken record of depositional layers in lakes, rivers, oceans and ice cores. Secondly the flood according to the Bible occurred in historic time and there is no written recording anywhere of this non-event.

    It seems to me from evidence of folklore including the Bible that it was associated with the great climate change warming of the Late Upper Palaeolithic period at the end of the last Ice Age and an Ice Age is characterised as a dry desert. The consequence of the Arctic ice melt of the colder higher latitudes was the unfamiliar experience of heavy rainfall there and everywhere else, including areas where rain appeared never to have fallen before as mentioned in Genesis 2;5. As the ice retreated and the planet warmed up and the atmosphere became humid and the landscape became fertile like a Garden of Eden. Even the Sahara became green for many centuries.

    Consequently farming was discovered as a new means of food production, permitting a much greater population density. This brought with it cities for the first time and political and religious leaders who used the prevailing superstitions of gods and god-men to control the masses. The nephilim were the same as the Greek and Roman demigod heroes, the mythical offspring of Gods who loved humans whose stories were recounted in the reading of the night time constellations-- something which could be considered the first 'Bible'. The hunter gatherers became fewer as farming grew and the new religious myth of seed cultivation and harvest became the standard literary backcloth and remains much in evidence in the NT Greek.

    The flood myth did not start with the Bible; they abound in all cultures with many fantastical explanations of why it was dry and then rainy. Myth only gives an engaging explanation, not truth as we know it. It was not a treatise on early climate change neither was Noah’s flood a historical event. The Noah story is too preposterous for reality but it capitalises on a historical fact of climate amelioration and uses it for moral instruction and warning.

    The concept of scientific explanations based on verifiable evidence only go back around four hundred years and the concept of writing truthfully for popular consumption only goes back to the French Enlightenment at the end of the eighteenth century.

    (sorry I get carried away with lengthy explanations but there is a lot of unpicking of myth necessary for ex JWs!)

  • truthlover123

    Noah and his family were all descendants of bad blood -- DNA - gene pool was diluted so it was impossible for that not to show up after the flood



    So, what did God ( supposedly ) solve by wiping out wicked humans in Noah's day and having all the new descendants with the same DNA ( WICKEDNESS ) ? Why even bother wiping out those evil humans when new descendants would be no better?

  • tor1500


    Jehovah wants mankind to get so sick of all this killing...that we just give up & say...Ok Ok, we give up, you got it God, we can't do without you...Get rid of Satan, already, would you. He wants us to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    I guess God thought, we'll just start again, maybe this time my children will do the right thing...When the flood came it didn't wash out sin only destroyed people...Can't wash out sin, since the fruit was eaten, sin existed...no turning back...Sin just got progressively worse not better...so was Noah the most faithful person on earth at that time....well by the way things turned out...NOT SO MUCH...as JW & The Bible says, Sin is inherit...As long as folks have a choice aka: Free will...it will be same ole same ole.


  • Diogenesister

    The Midianites felt that Baal Peor was nature's god, the creator of the universe, whereas the Israelites believed that their god Yahweh was the creator. .. So, in effect, what we have here is a demonization of those people who refer to the creator by a different name. These people are accused of worshiping a false god.

    Afrikkaman I've always thought that! Doesn't this correlate with the dubs wanting other Christians killed for using a different, or generic, name for " God"! Just like the Midianites !( Moses wife was a Midianite as was her father, Moses first" rescuer" in the desert, in effect his surrogate family)

  • Finkelstein

    Noah's flood is just a fanciful imaginative work of story telling in the germane of ancient mythology or an expressive work of fiction.

    Why did the ancient Hebrews do this should be realized and accepted that the ancients told stories of their gods to create power and relevance to them.

  • redvip2000
    his promise never to flood the earth again and kill off most of its inhabitants

    Even this promise is stupid. Why does it matter than he won't flood the earth again, if he plans to kill everybody again in a different way?

    This is almost like Hitler promising not to gas Jews, but instead just shoot them in the head.

    Utter nonsense.

  • Simon
    But what guarantees that there won't be an angel right after Satan who decides to go down to Paradise, mislead some people, and start the whole thing all over again?

    Well the bible story is that Satan and the demons will be allowed another crack at mankind after Christ's 1,000 year reign.

    I mean, c'mon, what's the point? When is mankind going to bet a break from God's never ending mismanaged disaster tour? What an utterly incompetent cunt he is.

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