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  • FinalFlame
    I've recently watched the JW cartoons centered around teaching young kids the doctrines of this faith. While I no longer practice any faith, I am well versed in this one. I must say, these cartoons are in bad, bad taste. More specifically, the one that centers around a mother counseling her young daughter about her friend's same sex parents, and how they won't get into paradise if they don't change their 'choice'. This is a direct contradiction to what the Bible actually says. While homosexual acts are indeed considered a sin, it does not, anywhere, imply that homosexuality is a choice that people make on their own, nor does it state that homosexual acts are a result of Satan's influence. It doesn't say that those who commit a sin won't go to paradise. In fact, it says God created man in his image, and gave him free will. All mankind inherited sin from Adam and Eve, but mankind was still created with God's image in mind. And God is love. It doesn't say God is love between a man and woman only. While he says homosexuality is sinful, and only the righteous go to paradise, he is also credited as being akin to Love. It is entirely possible to commit the sin of being homosexual while still being righteous, which literally means 'good, upstanding, decent'. It does NOT mean without sin. We are All sinners. It is entirely possible to have love in a homosexual way, and express that God-given love (because God is love, correct? Correct.) in a way that honors his gift, by sharing it with others. All the Bible asks is to repent. Which actually only means to be regretful of one's actions. It is also entirely possible to be regretful (repentant) while still retaining that love and expressing it. But my point here is the way this cartoon goes about instructing the child to tell her friend, and in turn her parents, that they are basically sinners who won't go to paradise unless they change a choice that isn't a choice (any more than being straight is a choice) is against every type of Witnessing tenent that I've EVER heard of being practiced. You don't go around telling your children to point a damnation finger at others with dire loss of paradise if they don't immediately change their lives. God values love. He values kindness. He values neighborly intent to your fellow man. Not instructing children to be hammers of hellfire. I'm extremely positive that while God may not approve of the act of being homosexual, he is very approving of the love shared by the family, and breaking it up just because the parents have the same genitals would be tantamount to divorce, which is also extremely frowned upon. He would place more value on the love and devotion of the family than on what's between their legs and the sin it's labeled.
  • scratchme1010

    You're preaching to the choir. Actually, you're just preaching. Can't care less one way or another.

  • freddo

    Welcome FinalFlame. I appreciate your views and hope you will not be put off by desultory comments.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    welcome here Final Flame--interesting usewrname.

  • TD

    Very well put. I think most here would agree with you.

  • stillin

    Love is better than hate.

  • Vidiot

    My wife and I just thought they were frigging weird.

    One thing that still makes me laugh, though...

    ...when the first one - featuring Sparlock the Warrior Wizard - was leaked ahead of time, WT loyalists all over the net loudly decried it as having been created by apostates to make JWs look bad...

    ...only to see it premiere at that summer's big convention.

    The embarrassed silence was downright deafening.


  • steve2

    I'm extremely positive that while God may not approve of the act of being homosexual, he is very approving of the love shared by the family, and breaking it up just because the parents have the same genitals would be tantamount to divorce, which is also extremely frowned upon.

    As a gay exJW, I have no hesitation in voting this statement for the most "every-which-way" award of the first half of 2018. The level of exacting contortion in its phrasing reflects an outlook that is determined to let the writings of patriarchal believers who lived at least 2,000 plus years ago be the final authoritative word on sexual orientation and all things godly.

    Let me guess: FinalFlame is very young and is still developing her ability to produce verbal contortions that keep all parties happy, happy, happy.

    Coming up next from FinalFlame: Why women should rejoice in being submissive to their husbands and remaining silent in church.

  • scratchme1010

    FinalFlame, you are nobody to tell who is a "sinner" or what the Bible is or isn't, or whatever some people do or say is supposed to be judged by "god" one way or another.

    You mention very little about yourself, so I have a few questions:

    1. Were you ever a JW? You mention that you no longer practice any faith, and that you are well versed in the JW faith, how? Specifics please. That matters because it goes to your credibility, and your real reason to be here.
    2. Why are you posting here? This is a place for ex-JWs and for people who are in different stages of detachment from that organization? Why do you feel the need to make that particular point here? Speaking of the point...
    3. Of all the nonsense that the WT teaches, why do you choose to discuss homosexuality? What entitles you to decide what gay people should be/are, or what "god's" stance is on the very same people he created (according to the same Christian rationale)?
    4. What makes you "extreme positive" that "god" doesn't approve "the act of being homosexual"? BTW, what exactly constitutes the "act" of "being" homosexual? Aren't you contradicting yourself there a little?

    I'm sure that in your lame attempt at proselytizing you seem to think that you are sending a message of love. How about leave gay people along, stop trying to shame them for who they are, mind your own darn business, and if you disagree with what the WT has to say, simply do so without preaching and talking about gay people being sinners?

    Also, since you don't mention what your own sexual orientation is, just in case, here's a link about coming out from the Trevor Project:


    You're welcome.

  • pale.emperor

    Welcome FinalFlame. Interesting reasonings, but JWs (and other bible thumping zealots) would claim that homosexual love is not really love but an abomination.

    Its much easier to take a step back, look at the universe and human nature and say "Yh, there probably is no God" and just love who you love and be nice to people.

    Taking the bible and watering down its gay bashing, misogynistic, slavery condoning genocidal, rape approving, infantcidal message is just pointless.

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