Apostafest Dreams

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  • Nikita
    Anyways.....keep your eyes on the prize.........not the mens flies.

    Hmm, couldn't the prize be what's behind the mens flies-- I mean yeah, that is funny!


  • animal

    It usually is.....


  • Valis

    Niki...that's why it is up to the brothers in the flock to stay in a constant state of arrousal so that the sisters know exactly where the pize behind the flies lies...


    District Overbeer

  • email

    It'll take A LOT of beers before any of you see me wearing a kilt! LOL

  • Solace


    Funny you mention it.

    Its a little fuzzy, but I had this crazy dream that I was in Dallas and Eyegirl was unbuttoning someones pants with her toes, I was swing dancing with PR Capone, only minutes later seeing him throw a pretty brunette accross the room, being thankful that he didnt throw me, then naughty dancing in a hot, sweaty club with Xena, Littletoe, Travis, Slippy, Elsewhere, Roo, Sloan, Email, Megadude, XW, and some tiny man on a stage who waved glowing sticks, while moving erratically.

    I remember touching Sixi's shaved head, seeing Beans in a pair of boxer shorts and on another occasion dancing erotically in a pair of plaid polyester pants while we made corny kissy faces to eachother. Then, an english man was smiling and talking to us, makin all the ladies hot.

    I remember using a belt on someone with dreadlocks, and enjoying it. I think I remember seeing a large twinkie, an even bigger birthday cake and someone drinking out of a measuring cup, while other thirsty people held out empty glasses for me to fill.

    I remember kissing people after they handed me tickets and feeling quite faint after a few, then a cute fat bastard was removed from his box and started swearing and farting at the dinner table.

    After that, I think I was walking in circles around a motel, where all the halls looked alike, not being able to find an elevator while laughing people followed, not bothering to give directions. I remember being on the floor, but waking up because the pretty brunette said dinner was ready and we had to eat. I hope I thanked her, if not.... "Thank you so much Liz, you are a sweetheart"

    I remember a motel room with trick doors on the fridge and pretend drawers that didnt open, some guy saying he spoke spanish, but that he couldnt understand the spanish program on television and two cute, crazy girls saying "pooty!!!"

    But most of all, I remember a bunch of friends getting together, having a great time and my stomach hurting from laughing so hard.

    Miss you all.

  • email

    OMG Heaven!!... that's funny... 'cause I HAD THE EXACT SAME DREAM!!!!!!!!

    THIS IS FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    then a cute fat bastard was removed from his box and started swearing and farting at the dinner table.

    That's what happens when I eat fried foods and drink too much.

  • xenawarrior

    myself said:

    well, I didn't say it and I don't talk to myself- well sometimes I do but it's just kind of a low mumble and I don't do it enough to cause any concern but anyway, back to the thread :

    me too, in fact I would like to see email jumping up and down in a kilt

    LMAO @ myself - again !!!!

    I think I'm just going to follow myself around this board, she makes me laugh !! But I need to know- if I'm following myself, do I have to be in front of me or in back of me?

    OMG Heaven, I had the same dream too. I remember other things too. There was this crazy woman with a napkin on her head and a microphone in her hand giving a speech and then she was levitated in a chair by good looking men.

    For awhile it turned into a nighmare though- you and me and some guy who kept saying "Room 210, Room 210" were in the store and they didn't have any Rum or Vodka ! But the Room 210 guy found us some champagne and it was back to a dream again. And ya know how sometimes in dreams you get lost and you keep going around and around trying to find your way? That happened in mine too- We were in this car with this megadude guy and trying to find our friends and they kept calling out to us but we could not find them. And then there was this really cute guy who was saying "She lured me to her room with Scrumpy Jack" and shaking his head.

    Strange indeed. But somehow I just want to have the same dream all over again- well 90% of it anyway !!! Can't wait !!

    ((((((((((((((Nikita)))))))))))))))) This is a fun thread !!!

    XW of the "dreamer" class

  • joannadandy

    I had a dream the other night about some albino sasquatch humping me on the hood of Mega Dude's car...

    I used to have paradise dreams...usually about beefy cabana boys with banana leaves as thongs. But damn't I always woke up too soon.

  • Nikita

    I am really enjoying this thread myself, XW.


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