over 700 baptized yesterday at one convention in Africa

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  • pepperheart

    In 2012 the watchtower did close 20 branch offices around the world and sam hurd did say in 2015 that ALL bethels have reduced the number of people who used to work there

  • Nunyabizz

    Do baptisms only take place at conventions, in full view of thousands of people? Or is anyone ever allowed to have a simple one-person baptism with just their family and/or congregation in attendance? I've only ever heard of the former.

  • alanv

    They do very occasionally have a quiet baptism, but only on very rare occasions. Watchtower like a public baptism, because it shows that people are joining the org. If someone was so disabled that a public baptism would be impossible then it could take place somewhere else, like a private home.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    lets hope the cult pump lots of cash into the congo. most people wouldnt even know where it is. of what relevance to anyone anywhere else is growth in such a god forsaken place. who cares.

  • JaniceA

    Stan, maybe it will just turn into one of those local cults that are just a curiosity to the people who live in the nearest sparsely populated town where they occasionally bring in some eggs to sell at the local market.

  • eyeuse2badub

    So 700 uneducated, superstitious people got baptized into a religion that that believes in an invisible 'sky daddy' that will lead them to the great "savanna"-----sooooon! That is why Africa is still referred to as the 'dark continent'.

    just saying!

  • Pistoff

    Multiplied by 3 (3 annual assemblies/conventions, whatever they are calling them these days) is 4.5% to 5%, impressive compared to the flat/negative growth rate in the West.

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