Im "Going To Die In Armageddon"

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  • pale.emperor

    I really couldnt care less if i see them again or not. They're the ones missing out, on life, on opportunity, on fun things to do, on friends they could have, on lie-ins on Saturday and Sunday, on their childrens birthdays, on their childrens graduations, on their children having a cool uncle Pale.Emperor

    I gave up trying to prove the WT falsities to them months ago. If they're sincere enough they'll do proper research like we all did. Or they'll get even more depressed and ask for help. Until then...

  • smiddy

    We are all going to die ,however "Armageddon" doesnt factor into that eqaution and neither do the G.B. of Jehovahs Witnesses .

    We are all going to die either from an accident ,disease .old age ,or self inflicted ,

    So I `m pretty confident that we will die long before the "around the corner" threat of armaggeddon has long come and gone.

  • lancelink

    And they still think of that all the time.

  • Bad_Wolf
  • wallsofjericho

    Yes it's amazing that jw's think we actually WANT to live forever

    i can think of no worse torture

    not only will god strike us dead if we don't kiss His ass all day long for eternity, has any dub actually put thought into living eternally?

    think about it... It's one thing to live a thousand years, but what about a million? What about a trillion years? How about a trillion trillion trillion years??

    it is literally the most asinine thing ever promoted as a "good" thing

    if hell were real, hell would be eternal life

  • Wakanda
  • Bad_Wolf

    "it's amazing that jw's think we actually WANT to live forever"

    I want to live forever. What changed from being a JW to not to suddenly not want to live forever? Live forever as a human or flying spirit?

    If lived forever as a human, may or may not get bored of planet earth, but living forever, technology advances, there would be colonization of other planets. And I like to travel. I had thought I would see most of the world, visiting one place at a time. But the more I see, the more I want to return to, so it's a struggle if I go somewhere new or return to a place I really enjoyed. Your favorite foods, you might get sick of it if you had it EVERY DAY, but after how many days or weeks until you would like it again? I imagine living forever if as a human would be the same concept, so much to do, experience, would never get bored, and if that was to happen, the universe is so vast, those possibilities would be limitless.

    But JW version maybe not.

  • Vidiot

    "'re going to die at Armageddon!..."

    ...As opposed to living forever with the WTS's boot on your neck?

  • pbrow

    Well... I guess they are technically not shunning you if they keep contacting you....

    You just dont like what they have to say


  • Vidiot
    pbrow - "...I guess they are technically not shunning you if they keep contacting you..."


    Constantly ostracized or constantly condemned...

    ...I can't decide which would suck more.

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