Who Do You Think Will Be The Next American Idol?

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  • Scarlet

    I love this show. I did not watch the last one but this one has been quite good. I really don't like Corey. Listening to him sing is like nails on a chalk board. The others I did not care for tonight were Julia, Carmen, and Kimberly Locke. I do really like Clay, Reuben, Treynece, & Ricky. I wanted to know who you thought did their best and worst tonight. If I had to pick one person tonight to be the American Idol It would have to be Reuben he just did a wonderful job and is so good.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Ted Jarecz singing "Like A Virgin". This is him at the tryout

  • Scarlet

    That guy was hilarious.

  • VeniceIT

    I thought Clay was adorable, wonderful humor and omg that voice it's soo deep and rich and your just not expecting that to come from him, he did a great job.

    Ruben was amazing!!! i had that song stuck in my head all night, the opening 3 notes and he had it. He seems like a really nice guy too and his dad was soo excited.

    Kimberley Lockes voice is incredible, her volume and range and power. Her song kind of wore me out a bit though. I thought that dress looked fab on her, she doesn't have young girls body so I think Simon was a bit off on that comment. She is beautiful and has incredible hair.

    Trenyce, she really annoys me for some reason but she nailed that Whitney song. To even attempt that was gusty but her voice was amazing.

    I really like Jashua but I'm just not a country gal, wish he hadn't 'gone country'. I also don't know if he can fulfill the role, he's married has a baby and is in the military. Too many prior commitments to be a true idol, I don't want to see him away from his family and ruin that just to sing you know.

    I think Kimberly Caldwell has everything to make the american idol, her song was a bad choice though. I've heard her sing others and she's good. I was really impressed though with her stage presence, she was the her and Charles were the only ones that moved around, and she was all over that stage really working it. She's adorable and perky and I think she could do it.

    I felt so bad for Julia, i watched it and thought she's not in it, I'm not feeling it from her. The judges agreed I hope she moves on though I like her.

    Rickey Smith did a great job he's just NOT my style at all, would never listen to him. Corey well I turned the channel I couldn't listen to him for some reason it was very irritiating. Charles song I felt was BORING, but he did get the group into it. Carmen had a poooor song choice, she should have picked country or a not so obscure song, she's adorbale though, but she prob will get cut.

    So I guess I want either Clay or Ruben, but think Trenyce might have the voice. The others I liked but not sure if they're 'american idol' types I think Kim Locke would do great in gospel!!! and maybe some should do broadway. I was really impressed though with all the talent, and I bet Kelly Clarkson is glad she was in last years group. heheh ok it sounds like I've been following this, but this is only the 2nd show I've watched, I love sining myself and really admire the talent and guts they're showing, and they look like they're havine a blast!!! More power to them,


  • Shakita

    I never get to see the whole show, but I heard Ruben and Trynyce sing last night, and I think those two will be there at the end of it all. Gladys Knight called Ruben a velvet teddy bear! I thought that was a name that fit him perfectly. Trynyce seems really sure of herself, kind of irritating, but she can sure belt out a song!

    My guess for the winner.......Trynyce, even though I secretly would like to see the velvet teddy bear win!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Scarlet

    Treynece is one of my fav's she is beautiful and can sing. I thought she looked awsome last night. Great body for that dress. I do not like Kimberly Locke talk about someone that just bugs. And I felt that dress was all wrong for her. IMHO she is too large to wear something that tight fitting.

  • VeniceIT

    hehehe and I didn't like Trenyce's dress, her boobs looked werid I thought. and I don't like her hair pulled back that tight.

    haha ah well to each his own. Ruben was a doll I'd like to see him win!


  • minimus

    True Jehovah's Witnesses would not watch this show. It's clearly patriotic and prejudiced toward a political country (America). It features obvious idolatry, idol worship, creature worship. This show as well as others that include "Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire" are so worldly and unbecoming of a Christian,. We are to be no part of the world...........Personally, I like the young guy with the messy do. But, all of them can sing! It's a great show.

  • VeniceIT

    Ya messy do dude is a great singer and adorable, he reminds me of a freind of mine that lives in GA hehehe.


  • Francois

    What's an American Idol? I thought it was the dollar.


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