Vomit inducing JW Broadcasting Music Video

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  • sieborg

    Not sure if anyone else had seen this. Sorry in advance if you have.


    Do not know how to put in a direct link.

  • stillin

    Sieborg, I don't know whether to thank you for posting that or to wish a pox would visit you!


    but then again, my marriage is terrible.

    BTW, I like your name!

  • Powermetal4ever
  • sieborg
    WTF is going on with them? I've only been off the JW grid for around three and a half years and so many changes? music videos? Pharells Happy parody!!!!!! Non of this would have been acceptable just ten years ago, so what the hell happened????????
  • DesirousOfChange

    Since most JWs get married the 1st time when they are still teenagers, this must be about the 2nd marriage (these don't look like teens) and I think most people go slower on the 2nd marriage even without the Disney song.


  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    oh that was horrible. Curious if they will start releasing christian albums. They need more products to bring in revenue. They can only cut expenses so far.

    I am also curious of those they choose to put in their videos. Are they chosen by status?

  • theliberator
    Every word they say, Every move they make. ( I know it sounds like a Police song), is for the selfish benefit of that piece of crap organization. If they have an article about kindness, the goal is just to improve the image of the Watchtower. "Marry in the Lord"= Marry in the Watchtower. Why? It is all about trapping and indoctrinating even more the people in its grips. But the long range goal is procreation. Having children to indoctrinate them so that later, they can feed those useless piles of dog doo known as the gb. 💩
  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    I just realized that they also used all attractive people in that video, except for the old man introducing the video. Where are the men with bald heads pushing 250+Lbs or likewise with the sisters. I know when I left none of the "sisters" looked like those in the video.

    Girls are really smart, but they are also really dumb. The Org knows that they need to manipulate sisters into choosing GB-approved men, otherwise they lose their breeding population. Let's face it, new converts are not the future of the WT Cult.

    Women are a big part of organized religions. Decieve them, and you have a nice core following of zealots. Just look around the KH. Are there more old, single, brothers or sisters? Who cries more at the barf-inducing drivel making up the latest WT videos? Who actually wants to watch the "True Love" propaganda video?

    Wake up girls. You are being played. You need to join ranks with the pissed off female Judges and Child Protection workers. Cause guess what?? When WOMEN GET PISSED, men listen. Had my wife learned TTATT, we would be out of this cult already.

    The Org plays on your strength, your feelings, and uses them against you. Please, don't be too prideful to see it. Be that mama-bear you say you are. Stop worrying about the toilet seat being left up, or whether or not your man read the Daily Text. Get mad about children being sexually abused!! Get mad about your $$$ being spent, not to advance Kingdom Interests, but to fight mandatory reporting laws!!

    Use your super V-jay powers and your fabulous breasts to change this world for the better!! Those sniveling GB wouldn't stand a chance!


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    The video doesn't show what happens next out behind the trash dumpster.

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