Should I be with someone who's had lots of pervious partners?

by Jxvi 32 Replies latest social relationships

  • Incognito

    Welcome Jxvi,

    I am almost certainly falling in love with my best friend

    That statement does not sound certain.

    If you truly love her, her past should be in the past and will not matter as she is with only you now.

    You refer to her past as 'mistakes'. Does she consider her past as mistakes or are you projecting your values on how you expect she should feel?

    Instead of being concerned with how you can deal with her past, if you truly love and cherish her, should cause you to question how you can measure-up to be the best partner she could ever want and deserves.

  • Nevuela

    "Not meaning to sound like a dick ,but if she`s had a lot of pervious partners that should raise a red flag to you ?"

    And yet, most men love to brag about how many women they've bedded.

    That aside, would you say the same of a woman who claims to have been physically abused by multiple men? Would you assume that there must be a reason for it? That she must have done something to deserve it if it's happened many times?

  • dozy

    Just asking - why do you feel God would answer your prayer and guide you in your relationship issues when he allows millions of children to die and at this present moment countless millions are being tortured in prisons and concentration camps? Many of these people are desperately praying as well , but with no help for them.

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