Where some of the money is going - from AM III

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  • Listener

    There is a public talk given by tight pants Tony on Youtube titled "The Real Armageddon, Why, When"

    His talk, as usual, doesn't make much sense. He says Armageddon is not a nuclear holocaust or an asteroid hitting the earth It's God's war against all the political nations of the earth. He talks about a celestial phenomenon that will be phenomenal.

    However, the sneaky little mouse has gone ahead and done something that he specifically says the Government Body members don't do. He's shared something with the audience that was not in print and still is not in print to this day.

    Towards the end he states that the Great Tribulation will be like a cyclone, it's going to hit Christendom followed by the rest of false religion then a little bit of calm and they'll be coming after us.

    At 45.00 he says "Jehovah's Witnesses will be the only ones ready for it. We are organized. We will go underground just like that and they're coming our way, that's when Jehovah steps in."

    In order to go underground 'just like that' would require money and assets that cannot be identified to the Watchtower. It would also require a lot of planning and organization now, due to their belief that they think Armageddon is imminent. Since they have to do all this in secret, it's going to take a lot of detective work to uncover their activities.

    I think the talk is fairly old, he doesn't mention a Watchtower any later than 2003 and mentions the Twin Towers.

    This is one huge, sneaky, secret society.

  • NewYork44M

    This sounds like the rantings of an old man. He must have seen the "Bunker" videos one too many times.

  • scratchme1010
    ...a celestial phenomenon that will be phenomenal...

    This part reminded me of my first time with my husband. The rest of whatever that idiot has to say is pure garbage.

  • Diogenesister

    Oh boy...I've got nothing! Wow...I mean he may assume Jehovah will some how camouflage them, on the other hand it wouldn't surprise me if they do have some kind of underground complex, or a small one for The GB, at least.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed
    the other hand it wouldn't surprise me if they do have some kind of underground complex, or a small one for The GB, at least.

    They had them in the past, I'm sure they thought of that at Warwick. Are they going to let the brothers that worked on the bunkers in too? Or will they be like the Pharisees Pharaohs who buried the master workers with them? (the burying them is probably from some old movie lol) Like this


    Greedy Joan Collins = GB

  • flipper

    It's just another con game coming out of the mouth of a GB member used as a marketing tool to get JW's to trust that WT leaders have all the answers- which they do not have of course. Anthony Morris has nowhere to hide but behind the billions of $$$ that WT Society is siphoning off from rank & file JW's. In time that money will disappear and the Houdini act WT Society has been pulling over on JW's will vanish as well

  • HiddlesWife

    TOMO again is saying all of the above to put: FEAR in the minds and hearts of both the PIMIs and PIMOs (especially PIMIs), so that the R&F of either group will feel/stay OBLIGATED plus stay/feel GUILTY. As a result, continue to give blind loyalty to him and his GB club-bretheren.

    [Mainly, so that mo' $$ will be ranking in to them, regardless!].

  • carla

    "not in print and still is not in print to this day. "- might not be in print but now it is on the internet for all time even if they get new light we can still see the old light.

  • Chook

    To prove that they as a religion look a gift horse in the mouth can be summed up with their estate inheritance requests that say only leave saleable land. Charity starts at home.

  • jookbeard

    how comes they let this pea brained moron make things up as he goes along? like the other moron that thought anti matter would be used to clean up the earth after the GT, so those graphic images of death,suffering and destruction from The Paradise Book, The Live Forever Book, and Revelation its Grand Climax at Hand that left millions of us scared for life are all "old light" now? FFS! whats this idiots favourite catch phrase? "you better believe it, oh yes , you better! because its reality!" Tony go and take a long jump of a short pier.

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