Where some of the money is going - from AM III

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  • LostGeneration

    I used to give that talk.

    There were six bullet points on why Armageddon was close in the original outline. One of the points was that the number of anointed were falling.

    Then a revised outline came out. Amazingly one of the bullet points was dropped. The one about the number of anointed dropping.

  • Wakanda

    Frack that moron. cult leader (since he hates that so much). I had to censure myself with dubs this week-end because of some of his blabbing about spiritual people say this not that crap.

    He just blathers on and doesn't think too hard at all about what he is saying. Was the talk recent? The more recent the more demented. I do not think there are any hidden messages in plain site when he is talking. He is not capable of it.

  • sir82

    It would also require a lot of planning and organization now, due to their belief that they think Armageddon is imminent.


    They can't organize "the sheep" from making a mad dash at 8:00:01 on convention mornings, that makes the Black Friday Walmart frenzies look like the Genteel Upper Crust British Sunday Stroll....

    And you think they can organize, somehow, 8 million people going "underground?

    The whole "great tribulation" thing is a sheer fantasy anyway, but it's funny imagining those bumbling idiots trying to organize JWs to do anything remotely clandestine.

  • Listener

    None of it makes any sense. Morris said that even if a person in such and such a religion appeared nice or even a monk, it didn't matter, they were going to be destroyed at the start of the GT by the Governments. The Governments have this thought put into their heads by God.

    Somehow the JWs will survive because they go underground. So you've got to trust that the organisation is going to save you, not God, during the first part of the GT.

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