'church elders are told to report any allegations of child sexual abuse to the authorities immediately'

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  • Vidiot
    I’m …By that logic, there are WT higher-ups who genuinely think that unmarried but consenting adults boning is somehow worse than a father diddling his little girl…

    Or (and I can’t believe this only just occurred to me now)

    …there've been so many (alleged 🙄) kiddy-diddlers amongst the higher-ups and rank-and-file for so long

    …that (like with porn), they have to minimize the “sin’s” severity just to avoid having to DF so many offenders that there wouldn’t be enough “qualified brothers” left to keep the Org functioning otherwise.

    I can’t decide which is worse. 😵‍💫

  • ThomasMore

    Reading the timeline of how WTC obfuscated in Wales and England over child protection guidlines reinforces to me that they JUST DON'T CARE about the rights of children. It was clear that they do not acknowledge that children actually have any rights at all.

    They delay and delay in an effort to run out the clock.

  • Vanderhoven7

    It is interesting that JWs who stray a bit in their marriages might not make it to the new system....whereas nonJWs who die before the GT get an automatic pass into paradise no matter how much they strayed.

    Lesson: never talk to Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Vidiot
    ThomasMore - “…It was clear that they do not acknowledge that children actually have any rights at all…”

    That has its roots in several things, I think.


    …my elder dad once explained to me that technically, all of us (including children) were God’s property, and therefore none of us actually had any so-called “rights”… only privileges and gifts Jehovah was gracious enough to give us, even though we could never possibly hope to earn or deserve them.


    …since we’re living in Satan’s World deep in the time of the End, “suffering for righteousness’ sake” (or, really, suffering of any kind) must be a defining characteristic of True Christians©️. Therefore, we should expect to have shitty things happen to us all the time, so quit whining and suck it up, you ungrateful little pricks.

    And thirdly…

    …old-school JW leaders very likely viewed children as, at best, miniature adults to be used as a resource (like actual adults), and at worst, a nuisance. They absolutely were conditioned (by both their upbringing’s conventional but outdated thinking, and the wonderful works of the Apostle Paul) to think of kids as horrible little shit-goblins who couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth, like, ever.

    (Note: I never heard my elder dad parrot the second or third things, and I don’t think he believed them.)

    None of these “theological” concepts are unique to JWs, but regardless, they cannot help but make for an environment that’s apathetic, casually dismissive, and downright toxic with regards to the victimization of the most vulnerable…

    …children or adults.

  • LongHairGal


    Very good points you raised and how these awful views certainly cannot help any children or young people in the religion.

    I wanted to address your Second point: I once had an aggravating thing said to me years ago by a rather stupid sister.. She’s a Witness who tolerates too much, low self esteem and who believes you should accept bad things happening to you. This belief is probably at the heart why there is an acceptance of being a ‘victim’ of anything in this idiot religion and not speaking up about it.

    This is yet another reason I’m Glad to be done with this dysfunctional religion.

  • Vidiot
    LongHairGal - “Very good points you raised…”


    I assume I’ll be noted as “improved” on my theocratic ministry school record, and move on to the next point of counsel.


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