Why I now believe Jehovah's witnesses are a cult!

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  • Crazyguy2

    Absolutely hilarious the JWs having so many brothers there to protect themselves form a 70+ year old man. They have zero faith in Jehovah or the Holy Spirit.

  • slimboyfat

    These seem like particularly nasty elders to me.

    You know, even if these elders believe this man is a terrible apostate, in league with the devil, or whatever. Do they really need to behave like this? You’d think that confidence about having the “truth” would enable elders to display some grace in such situations. But I don’t think they are confident that they have the truth, which explains why they are so petty and nasty, because they feel psychologically vulnerable and defensive.

    Not all elders are like that. Some of the elders who met with Mark on YouTube last year, in the north of England, for example, seemed pretty reasonable. Some of them, anyway. In particular I remember one elder laughing and saying, “he’s probably filming us now - smile for the camera”.

  • fulano

    It's so good to see how YouTube is digging, bit by bit, the jwdotorg's grave 👏🏼

  • no-zombie

    While this video was interesting, the ex-Elder involved must have realized before hand that no good was going to come of his actions. And it would be a mistake if someone viewing it, to developed a hope that if they do something similar, they might be able to reason with committee members if called, to gain some kind of advantage.

    This is because Judaical Committee meetings are not about establishing the guilt of a sin (as the committee Elders must already have enough 'evidence' to convict the accused to initiate such a meeting) but rather its sole role is to determine the person's level repentance.

    Any discussion of lawyers, scriptural based self-justifications or using recording devices only goes to reinforce the view that the sinner is not receptive to council and is not demonstrating "a humble spirit before Jehovah".

    So if you are called before a Judaical Committee hearing, you only have two choices ... fall on your own sword and say "mea culpa" or face being disfellowshiped.

    And of course, deliberately not turning up is not going work out well for you either.

    no-zombie (ex-Elder)

  • slimboyfat

    That raises an interesting question, because the elder book does apparently allow the accused person to present evidence and witnesses.

    Does anyone know of a case where an accused person has convinced a committee not to disfellowship because he is not guilty?

  • carla

    Do all kh's have a 'Private Property No Trespassing' sign? funny. They do not honor other peoples signs why should anyone honor theirs? Do as I say not as I do?

  • dozy

    As I always was told and understood it , a JC isn't organised to see if someone is innocent or guilty , so I have never known of someone walking out of a JC because he/she has been determined innocent ( though I guess it has happened. ). The person's guilt has ( supposedly ) already been established , either by confession , previous elder visits or by general feedback , bona fide evidence etc.

    The JC is established to see if someone is regarded as "repentant" or not ( a subjective assessment , to put it mildly - very easy to fake. ) An appeal committee ( if requested ) is trying to establish if the person is repentant or not at the time of the original JC.

    In my limited experience , elders are often totally out of their depth in conducting JCs ( hence why virtually every elder's school , judicial matters are discussed. ) . They don't do that many and often don't really fully understand the process.

  • Phizzy

    Like the writer of the O.P I have refrained form using the word "cult" to JW's as you get mired in a discussion about the meaning of the word cult as they desperately try to prove they are not in one.

    Of course they are in a nasty little cult, as there actions prove. I use "Authoritarian Mind Control Group" to their faces, they cannot argue with that, successfully. Though one Elder tried to convince me that in the years since I have left they have eased Control and have become more Bible based,..... yea right.

    And just to add to no-zombie's post above, their silly little Kangaroo Court / Star Chamber that they call a Judicial Committee is pre-loaded against the accused as they have already decided there is a case to answer, not just a need to establish if there is indeed a case. Prove your innocence is their attitude, or if you cannot, demonstrate your repentance if you wish to remain in the Cult.

  • OnTheWayOut

    When I left and had heard of (or even youtubed) information on judicial matters, I realized how much of a stooge I was on their side.

    I had been an elder at judicial matters and usually was the note-taker because I was pretty good at that.

    But to take somebody into a private meeting where the prosecution is the judge and jury also, to deny them another person for their own protection, let alone as a witness to deny charges, to prevent them from bringing notes in that might be evidential- all sheer folly.

    Further, I liked the valid comparison made here: Pedophiles know the rules about two or more witnesses and avoid that happening. Judicial Committees do the same thing to an accused- make sure there are not two or more witnesses to the procedures.

  • nowwhat?

    If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it. Barricade the drives?! What were They expecting?

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