Does this frustrate you

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  • czarofmischief

    I used to think that I'd like to meet some of the folks, but then all the arguments over the war happened, and I realized that people are just people - oh well...


  • mouthy

    Yes It bothers me that I wont see most of you... Big Tex You can hear a few of us at me >>Grace gough.>>...Neomadman- Other are on it that you might recognise by their testimony .......I have met a few of you>>> wonderfull folk...Joy! Ray! Dan!John! John # 101 Lollydawdle! Flower-Brummie -Orangefat--Frank- A68-Peter- Attila- Andrew- Andrew # 2

    Having a seniors moment to remember the rest......

  • Maverick

    If you are old enough to remember cousin IT from the Adams Family then you already know me! I bought a new hat since then. Maverick

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