Fred said: The "Captivity" of 1918

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    Greven: "When I came upon writings of that period I felt betrayed by the GB! They had to know this and still would call it a 'spiritual paradise', the period of the two 'prophet' witnesses, and all that song and dance about those assemblies of 1919, 1920, 1922 and even 1925!".

    Theyve got a big problem with all the material up till about 1930, they wouldnt want anybody reading any of their publications prior to that. I guess they havent totally covered the period in their new interpretation, but how could they? it must have been like taking a corpse that had been hacked into 10 pieces , tie it together with cellotape and bandaids, and revive it. What happened after Russellisms timeline died is the biggest disaster in religious interpretation Ive ever seen.

    Meister: "make his own imprisonment for sedition against the very Country that gave him the right to rant and rave his hatred "

    precisely. Something that many rabid Christian fundies do, and something I find most irritating.

    (hi 215)

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