Fred said: The "Captivity" of 1918

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  • minimus

    After reading these quotes, it's no wonder that we indeed, do have the truth. No other people on this earth can appreciate how Bible prophecy is being fulfilled especially since the 1914-1919 era. Only Jehovah's people have had the keys of understanding to these obvious revelations as it pertains to the anointed remnant. Reading such treasures only reinforces the fact that we have spiritual food at the right time. Yes, these publications from the Slave Class assist us to remain focused in these continuing last days of 89 years. How thankful we are for the Watchman Class, the Greater Elijah Class!!!

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    refiners ;thanx so as i always say there is nothing like the proper spritual food at the proper time. and that sure was TASTY. SO any jw's want to step up to the plate and prove that jesus choose the wt in 1919? i don't know who had more to drink? me tonight -or the glorious one that printed that rotten food...john thank you again .......................

  • TheOldHippie

    Now this was an evil thread! It must be weeks or months since I last encountered such a great ironic humour.

    Worst of all is that the two new Isaiah books, as others here have also said, cover 1919 on close to every page. Imagining good old Isaiah eagerly looking forward to what God had in store for his beloved people, and all he was given to see and write about was in fact what would take place when the Judge was released. What an anti-climax.

  • czarofmischief

    One of the reasons I couldn't stomach the new Isaiah books was their insistence on applying EVERY scripture to themselves. Now that I'm out of it, its laughable.

    Oh yeah, can you imagine the presumption of those old coots calling themselves the Greater Elijah class? I mean, Elijah actually raised people from the dead, fed widows, did good works. These crusty old farts have done nothing of any merit!


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hmmm. Well many thanks and a big HI THERE! to all commentors.Some comments struck me in the eye and demand a reply:

    Artfull: "If you would like a copy of these books, send me an e-mail at":

    I certainly would like to read those books but would not expect you to habd your own copies over. Still, I will e,mail. Perhaps you have a good plan that will put the material in my hands. Ive just about done the Ezekial book and the 1960s revelation books to death. I need NEW material!!

    Ona cruise says: "The 1999 WT CD lists 4,368 hits for 1918-1919, and 5,995 hits for 1914."

    Proof positive indeed that Judge Rutherford in jail was almost as sifgnificant an event as Jesus Christ enthroned.

    Oldhippie: "Now this was an evil thread"

    I think I like the idea of being an "evil slave". They have more fun. Im working on the second installment of this sorry saga- The 1919 "Release". I think these books are worth looking back over after a few years out of the church, its flabberghasting how ludicrous so much of the stuff is, yet i never recall so much as an inclining of a question mark in my mind about any of this stuff when I was active.Amazing.

  • greven

    When I was doing research on the borg the 1914-1919 era was of special interest because basically their entire theology and authority hangs on this period. I can tell you it is very revealing to read what they actually were preaching during those years and comparing those with current statements on the quality of the food served at that time.

    Makes a good laugh, but also makes you aware of how easy it is to mislead poeple once they trust you completely. Which JW has actually read any of the books of that famous era? Which has ever read a single book by the founder of their very religion, CT Russell?

    Nice questions to ask when they are at your door next time.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Greven. that period of 1917/ 18 is like a scabbed over abcess, a festering hole, Its in the GBs collective psyche, they know it is there every minute of every day, like a rotted tooth that aches all the time. They keep picking and rubbing at it. It itches. They keep licking and poking at that rotten tooth with their collective tongue.They can never be unaware of it.

    Too bad huh?

  • greven


    I agree with your sentiments, this period is like a scabbed over abcess!

    When I came upon writings of that period I felt betrayed by the GB! They had to know this and still would call it a 'spiritual paradise', the period of the two 'prophet' witnesses, and all that song and dance about those assemblies of 1919, 1920, 1922 and even 1925! If Jesus chose them in 1919 and subsequently poured holy spirit over them, how could they go on preaching millions now living will never die?

    If He chose them as channel they sure did a lousy job at getting something right. Why would he pick the channel with the absolute world record in false prophecies? If I have a life saving message for mankind would I use a tabloid paper to distribute it? How would that affect the credebility of the message?


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    These two Isaiah books and that Revelation abomination will take their place alongside The Finished Mystery as the most lunatical books ever written. I shudder to think about the reaction of, say, the New York Times book reviewer, were these submitted to him for comment..

    It's fairly common knowledge that very few long-time Bethelites and other veterans of the full-time service wars take this stuff seriously, and actually snicker at the notion that the naive rank-and-file dubbies gobble it up avidly.

  • Farkel

    Yet another astute post, RF!

    : The most significant event of the 20 th Century just HAS to be the events of 1918 / 1919 in the “Captivity” and the “Release” of Jehovahs Organization from Babylonish enslavement. I say this because so much BIBLICAL PROPHECY was fulfilled in those “amazing” World shaking events. Think about it. Entire swathes of the biblical books of Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel were fulfilled when Judge Rutherford was put in jail, then released from Jail. Not only these major prophets, but numerous of the “lesser” prophets wrote, 2000 odd years ago, predicting the slamming of Judge Rutherfords jail cell.

    Yep. Only Da Judge could make his own imprisonment for sedition against the very Country that gave him the right to rant and rave his hatred a world shattering event fulfilling prophecies made many centuries earlier!

    No wonder the guy got to live in mansions, drive the finest of cars and drink the best (an illegal) liquor. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have the Bible fortell HIM and his antics deserved nothing but the best.

    Too bad he died of asshole cancer.


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