Can you be disfellowshipped for getting abducted by Dogman / Bigfoot / Aliens?

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  • sparky1

    Can you be disfellowshipped if you are abducted by aliens?

    It will depend on your judicial hearing with the local elders. They will need to determine if the aliens probed you or not. You will be asked such questions as:

    "Did you enjoy the probing?'

    "Did you scream or call out Jehovah's name while being probed?"

    "Were you probed by a male or female alien or both at the same time?"

    "Did you stay on a spaceship alone overnight with an alien of the opposite sex or with an alien known to be a homosexual in the alien community?"

    "Is the probing public knowledge and could it bring reproach on Jehovah's name?"

    "Was the alien underage at the time and did you report the probing to the secular authorities?"

    "Is there a chance that the aliens would consent to a bible study, repent of their vile deeds, and perhaps do missionary work on their home planet?"

    There will be much for the elders to discuss with you in order to determine the level of your guilt or innocence. Be patient. This will take many hours of 'probing' questions by the elders and you will feel violated all over again.

  • Finkelstein

    In regards to the existence of Bigfoot and Dogman, no they dont exist , why ?

    because biology tells us they dont.

  • John_Carter_1912

    To: Finkelstein

    "Science" taught for many years that white bears eat meat and black bears eat meat.

    However, the witchdoctors claimed that there was a black and white bear that lived off bamboo in Asia. It was not until Ruth Harkness (a female) brought back a living Panda did European "science" begin to change their tune.

    The assumptions that you make "because biology TELLS us they don't" is throughly inconsistent with the scientific method.

  • john.prestor

    We're not talking about bears in an unexplored wilderness. We're talking about a bunch of lycanthrope creatures running around the United States. They don't exist, period. People lie for attention all the time.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Wasnt there someone who recently posted on here after being disfellowshiped for believeing the world is flat?

    (It is by the way, im currently in a car park and its dead flat here)

  • Vidiot

    I can assure you guys right now...

    ...if aliens are real and they abducted a JW, he would totally be DFed.

    Their existence is completely incompatible with WT cosmology.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    I'm sure, if the witness insisted on belief in them, and telling their story, repeatedly, they would be admonished, disciplined, and eventually Df'd if they continued. As to Bigfoot, dogman, and other humanoid creatures reported to be running the Woodlands and back country, where are their carcasses, remains, skeletons? If they existed, someone would've found one by now.

    Alien life forms... that's one that's possible, even probable, since we haven't even scratched the surface of our galaxy, let alone the universe.

  • John_Carter_1912

    To: John.Prestor Its obvious you believe in the two witness rule.

    History has a long history of Cynocephaly sightings. Reports of dog-headed races can also be traced back to Greek antiquity.

    In the fifth century BC, the Greek physician Ctesias, in his Indica, wrote a detailed report on the existence of cynocephali in India.

    Similarly, the Greek traveler Megasthenes claimed to know about dog-headed people in India who lived in the mountains,

    communicated through barking, wore the skins of wild animals and lived by hunting.

    Herodotus reports claims by ancient Libyans that such creatures inhabit the east of their lands.

    The best estimate for the place where the battle between the Argonauts and the Cynocephali took place

    is modern day North Serbia, or South Hungary.

    Medieval travelers Giovanni da Pian del Carpine and Marco Polo both mention cynocephali.

    Picture of Saint Christopher

  • Finkelstein

    The assumptions that you make "because biology TELLS

    us they don't" is thoroughly inconsistent with the scientific method.

    The scientific method is based from an evaluation and observation of physical evidence, Panda bears are physical evidence.

    Such mythical creatures as Bigfoot or Dogman are accepted to be mythological creatures because there is no physical evidence of these creatures ever existing.

    So I really dont think you know what the scientific method means in description.

  • John_Carter_1912

    To: Finkelstein

    Its obvious that you also believe in the 2 witness rule.

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