Why do some of you get so worked up over this, JW's control relies on lack

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    Hey exjw_b12, thats funny!....I always laugh when someone comes to the board and trys to lump us all into one neat little package..The answers are so simple then..Simple enough for a blindman to see right through them....LOL!...OUTLAW

  • acsot
    or you have some other thing going on in what passes for your head, I don't know, but I will no doubt extract great amusement from further bleating on your part.

    Next time you want to assemble an arguement, try having a bit more glue.

    Abaddon: Now those are a couple of good lines! Can I borrow them sometime?

    So where's the rebuttal Simple? It's been several hours since you posted ...

  • amen

    They society is a con artist, really good are what they're doing; deceiving people, getting them into their organization. It's all marketing strategic after all what else do you expect from a publishing company. The selling of a product is all the after making money but for the spiritual person they say we have the blessing of the Holy spirit. Why do you think they need statistic for everything again to control their expenses and see which area they can get better. But the con artitst has been demasked. It's up to us to their true face.


  • jgnat

    Simple, with logic like that, you could empty the mental wards. Just tell them their delusions are all in their heads.

    I could see your point as far as whining without action does not accomplish much. I happen to believe there are JW's who are considering the leap of faith out of the organization that browse this site. I mean to give them some food for thought.

  • SloBoy

    Simple,....actually, a good post. I've come to learn that it's very important for me to take a personal inventory and see what part I am responsible for. As an adult, I need to be aware of what was going on in my life that allowed me to "willingly" co-operate with the abuse from the WBTS. It doesn't exonerate them for their deeds, nor does it fix the consequences in my life from years of affiliation. But it can, in some way, keep me from hopefully falling victim to a similar circumstance.

  • rocketman

    Many people have been victimized by this religion, so why should they blame themselves? Since when do we ask victims of anything to blame themselves?

  • Maverick

    Interesting post. I am a little confused, help me out. Was there a question or point in this diatribe? I am not tring to be a jerk, I guess I'm just slow witted. Maverick

  • unclebruce

    Hey Maverick ... you can read simple's post two ways:

    new world translation;

    ...simple says you're with yourself, and it's all because you don't " the son lest GOD be and you in the way!"

    old world translation; "HEY YOU APOSTATE 's" Jesus hates you and i do too!!<---jesus <---me


  • Maverick

    OH!........ Now I get it!!!....... Thank you unclebruce!!!! Maverick (the dim)

  • Its so simple
    Its so simple

    No, I don't think that the victim's are to blame. But you are going to get NOWHERE when there is no one in authority who is directly responsible for policy. Someone used the term con man, WHO is the con man here. I never said their is not a responsible "entity". I didn't say there is no victim. But there is soooo much energy spent on things that do NOT help the healing and growth process.

    I had a dealing with a con 'woman' that took me for $27K, yes she was good, she appealed to things I wanted and "I" & I let her in. She ended up going to jail for doing the same thing to other people which totaled over $700K. It made me a feel a little better when I was on the witnesses stand. But I still had to pick up the peices. Had she not been been prosecuted I would have just stalled my financial recovery focusing on the reasons WHY WHAT SHE DID IS WRONG and how she should stop. NO ONE is listening. Especially when their means of life (Bethel) would be dismantled in the end. I can fully understand empathetic support. But that support should focus on your personal damage with a goal toward recovery and how best to assemble your life from x point. I doubt there are few here that have not read Crisis of Conscience & Search for Christian Freedom. In all Franz's musings he never really attributes blame to one person with wicked intent. ( I'm not ignoring the fact that Rutherford was no doubt a pr*ck by most assesments ) He in fact says that religious reform movements eventually tend toward a core of central authority with depressing consistancy and results. Did/do they use mind control tactics on purpose or not? Who cares, what will get you free of it! Are they aware of the pain they caused by allowing some person to be abused and their accuser go free with no repurcusions? Some may, and with the exception of a the descendants of Hitler, I don't think anyone who is given the opportunity to hear the effects of some policy they laid down would not feel genuine remorse and wish their was something they could do. Now excuse me if that presents the WTBS in a favorable light for a second. But you must consider that it has simply become a beaurocracy, unfeeling, uncaring & remote. This doesn't mean there are not real people with real good intent inside. The same is true of the US government. Do you really think most people go into politics thinking of slush funds and bribes? Fred Franz ( I beleive ) said, "if we give them that much freedom there is no telling what they will do." You are now thinking like them. People are for the most part good, and don't wish evil on you. Organizations on the other hand are a complex beast that have no human emotion.

    In the end, my point is this. This is how it should play out, you know you got screwed, then you find out who did it, then you get pissed, sad, THEN it's time to do something about it for YOU. Find where you have been dumped and run like hell to catch up with your life. There is much life destroying energy in hate and contention. Find who you love, what you love & pour all your heart and soul into that. Don't forget your past, learn from it, be determined never to let it happen again. But if your past is a nightmare, don't spend your time living in it. Leave it behind and move on.


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