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  • Lost his mind
    Lost his mind

    Following is a letter I am going to send to the entire family both jw and non. I would like to get your advice on whether I should do it. My husband has told me before to voice my complaints but I have yet. So here goes......

    I am sending this to everyone in the family even though it is meant for just a few. I wanted you to hear this from me, not any second or third hand sources. Just an FYI.

    To ..........

    I would like you to read this letter and think about what I have to say. Really think about it from a personal

    My marriage has been in turmoil for the last 2 years. ***** and I are trying to work on it but your continual interference is not helping. I would appreciate it if the unsolicited advice, the divisive emails and the phone calls would stop. I would like for you to treat us as you treat the rest of the worldly family. I know you do not send the same type of emails or texts, have the same phone calls and conversations or have the same kind of personal interference with the rest of the family as you do with ******and myself.

    I do not stick my nose in your business. There have been times in your families life that have been traumatic. I could be more specific, but since this e-mail is going to more than you personally, I will refrain. Please note that I did not, nor did ****, interfere in your personal business. It is not up to us to give you unsolicited advice.

    Marriage is a bond between a husband and wife. They should be able to work on their problems without interference. But you won't let us work on it. I have asked for a divorce twice now. If this is your goal, you are well on your way.

    So, please. No more emails about this wicked system/government. No more conspiracy theories. No more religious guilt trips and propaganda. No more stories. Please just let us be like the rest of your worldly family. Let us heal our marriage.
  • Simon
    Why not just tell them to mind their own business when they call? (or reply to their email with the same)
  • Lost his mind
    Lost his mind
    They don't talk directly to me. The send emails and make calls to hubby alone. When ever I walk into one of their conversations, they shut up. A lot of whispering.
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Your letter may open another can of worms.

    Why add more stress to a stressful situation?

    I agree with Simon.


    edited to add:

    I'm glad they are NOT calling and Texting harassing you.

  • nonjwspouse
    When I began reading it, I was thinking I would say to let it be. But what you described sounded very logical and apart from trying to disagree with their beliefs resulting in even more drama. You directly stated that you need space in your marriage and requested to be treated like they would treat a non-JW family member. This is so logical. I jut hope it does not actually bring on more drama for you.
  • Lost his mind
    Lost his mind
    What drama would it bring. The elders do not stop by the house anymore. It is only some of his family that are pushing it. He hasn't been to meeting in two years and is not baptized. But they won't let up.
  • Lost his mind
  • nonjwspouse

    Lost, it could make elders stop by again, all sorts of stuff if family members decide to create it, due to what they perceive.

    Sometimes it is best to just ignore and go on.

  • Lost his mind
    Lost his mind
    They don't stop by because last time we had a little disagreement and I was called a hateful woman. That particular elder said he would never stop by again and I told him that would be glorious. If you think this will prompt them to stop by, I will have to reconsider.
  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    In your second to last paragraph I would delete the last 3 sentences because you want them out of your business & you gave too much information... just my 2 cents

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