RubyTuesday = LuckyLucy?!?!?

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  • JH

    Simon is the one who will decide.



    Screw the honey ; bring MATT!!!!!!!!!! I'm with XenaWarrior.


    You have GREAT taste in men!!

  • Valis

    Screw the honey

    SLOAN...that is such a good idea...


    District Overbeer

  • xjw_b12

    Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z z z z z z z z z z z z z

  • ring

    Hmmm.....mystery solved....

  • Jourles

    OK, just so there is no confusion --- It is very possible for two separate people who do not know each other to appear as being the same person posting here. Let me use myself as an example:

    Sometimes I post from my office at work. My company has physical locations spread across the USA. All Wide-Area-Network(WAN) circuits from all of the offices are backhauled to our main corporate office. No single office has direct internet access locally. From our corporate office, there are other circuits that go to the outside world which gives the ENTIRE company internet connectivity. The last router in our network which connects to whoever we use for internet access is the IP address which gets broadcast and logged to sites such as this. So if I post from here in Michigan, my hashed ip address on this site will show up as ccPUbXDwI3ZOxLHL. If another person within my company posts to this same board from their office in a totally different state, their hashed ip address will appear to be exactly the same as mine - ccPUbXDwI3ZOxLHL. I may not even know who they are.

    The same situation goes for anyone using a popular Proxy such as Anonymizer. All internet requests go through the proxy, thereby making many different people from anywhere around the world appear as the same person logging into this site.

    I just wanted to throw this out there so people were not confused with the term "posting from the same computer." It is very possible for two different people to be using the same IP address and not be using the same computer in the same location.

    If the ip addresses were visible, you could almost tell for sure whether or not if the same person was using two aliases. Most ip addresses resolve to a name. Most dialup ip's are easily identifiable when resolved. They are also a 99% dead giveaway letting you know if the same person is using two different aliases on the board. The same can go for DSL or cable access. I'm certain that if Simon was to use this simple method, he would know if Ruby and Lucy were the same person or not.

  • Xander

    Actually, that's ALMOST's not that the hashed IP could come up the same, but that the IP address is the same.

    It would still be possible to see where the person was 'calling' from, as it were, down to the PC, even given identical IPs in a corporate workgroup environment. An IP packet is more than just the TCP/IP address, and, in the case of a workgroup environment, it would contain information as to which computer is requesting the packet (obviously, it must, or how would the router know where to send the returning data).

    In any case, the evidence against a problem here is more than just the consistently same IP - the weird posting habits are telling, too. And that, once 'called' on this, neither has replied to the board since.

  • ThiChi

    ""Lucky has consistently insulted person after the same thread no less..""

    Wow, use this standard and half the posters here will be banned!!

  • Valis

    thichi...surely you can find something better to sass me about than take my comment out of context just to give me hell...dam you to the Kingdom Hall!...May you pioneer to a ripe old age and give your life savings to the Bethel Retirement Fund...*LOL* take that!


    District Overbeer

  • ThiChi


    Sorry! I am bad at humor, I guess......Please, anything but the JWs! Send me to Iraq as a human shield...anything but the KH and

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