My Disfellowshipped Window Washer Is Going Back To Meetings Because Of The

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  • Mary

    I truly believe that if Armageddon was going to come in my day, it would have come during the Cuban Missle Crisis. We came within seconds of starting WWIII and it was JFK that averted that catastophe, not the Watchtower. If Nixon had've won the Presidency instead of JFK, we probably wouldn't even be sitting here right now because too many men wanted war with Russia, at any cost.

    This upcoming war, assuming that it comes to that, will probably be over relatively quick. Iraq cannot match the USA military and from what I understand, most of his army are inexperienced teenage boys who just can't wait to die for "Allah"...........

    And if JWs really believe the bible, they should realize that what's happening right now is not what the bible predicts. The bible predicts that the King of the North with battle with the King of the South, Israel will be invaded by the King of the, I don't really see any of this happening right now................

  • Satanus


    The way you describe this guy, except for the homo thing, the wt is probably a good place for him. He sees a storm coming, and he needs a harbour. Even a rotten one will do. He can't sail on his own yet.


  • jws
    What's he worrying about war for? I thought it was when people cried "Peace and Security" that death and destruction were immediately upon them!

    I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone here, but I've heard it spun both ways:

    • The earth seems peaceful and secure and people start to cry out that it is, bringing instant destruction.
    • The earth is in conflict and people are crying out asking for peace and security.

    Either way, it "fulfills" (gag) prophecy and scares people into staying in or coming back.

    These people must think that God is a chump if they think they can fool Him by not living by his rules unless there's threat of death upon them. And when that threat surfaces then they whip themselves into a frenzy trying to make up for lost time, trying to impress God. I don't know of any PERSON that would fall for that, do they really think GOD would fall for it?

    Person, no. But, a lot of Christian religions teach that it's never too late. Provided you are sincere and ask for forgiveness, God will forgive.

    Guess I'd have to ask myself, if it were my children that turned against me, wouldn't I always take them back? I'd like to think so.

  • jws
    Why, oh why, oh why do some, that know the WTS to be a fraud, decide to go back to that fraud when they think the sky is about to fall?

    Because, not every ex-JW out there is "apostate" and knows that the JWs are a fraud. Some people get disfellowshipped and don't leave by their own choice. And since this guy has a pretty good rap-sheet of DF sins, I'm going to assume that's the case. Many ex-JWs out there do believe that it is "the truth", but they just have a hard time following it. Many condemn themselves and feel unworthy and embarassed to go back and face people again and have to explain where they've been. They sit there knowing they will be destroyed at Armageddon, and maybe someday they will go back, but right now it's too much effort and besides, things don't look that bad - there's still time. Then something like 9/11 or a war happens and it's a wake-up call and back they go.

    Although if he has to be reinstated, that may prove difficult. And if the world gets better again in the meantime, I don't give him much of a chance of staying in.

  • happysistah

    Well, I understand why your Window Washer friend is going back. I'm sure that he thinks the WBTS is going to be his salvation. I use to think that before I started coming to this board and reading the so-call apostate publications

    You should tell your window washer friend to visit this site and read Crisis of Conscience.

    You would really be doing him a favor. That is if he is really open to hearing the "truth".

  • wednesday

    If what JWS teach is true, God would not be so easily fooled by "jail house religion", and things like this. According to the scriptures he can read hearts. So he would know we were only going back b/c we were trying to save our lives, and would stop serving him the moment the coast was clear.

  • minimus

    "the watchtower is probably a good place for him"....SaintSatan.....I think that's true. He's been out of the organization for 6 yrs. now. I don't think he's running back to Jehovah for selfish reasons. I think he honestly believes he's a sinner that needs Jehovah God back in his life. He told me that when he went to AA, he was told to pray to God. But because he was doing wrong, he said he wouldn't pray to God using the name Jehovah because he didn't feel Jehovah would listen to his prayers.(Yet he prayed to God). I said to him that if he prayed, didn't he think God was capable of hearing him whether he used his name or not. He then gave me a look like the lightbulb just went on.....Pathetic, sad situation.

  • czarofmischief

    Everybody has a spiritual road to walk on.

    It is possible that this guy has to go through the revolving door a few more times before he finds the peace and freedom that belongs to the children of God.


  • obiwan

    I think he sniffed those washer solvent fumes one to many times!

  • Sirona

    Question: what do the dubs say about the UN and the AngloAmerican combine?

    I thought the US and UK were supposed to turn on the UN and then on Religion. Is that right?

    In that case, dubs will think they're prophysey is fulfilled in the US and UK acting without UN backing.



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