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  • jhine

    Good thread , and lots of people have provided good insight . As one who has always been outside of the WT it is easy for me to see the difference in where they place their emphasis compared to where other faith groups place theirs .

    The WT always stresses the importance of obedience to the org. , they have squarely placed themselves in between the people and God . They teach that Jesus is not the mediator for everyone . The preaching work is about God's future Kingdom .

    All this is at odds to what the Bible really says . Jesus died on the cross for everyone . He alone is the way to salvation . " I am the Way , the Truth, and the Life .

    The Good News that was preached by the disciples was about Jesus' atoning death on the cross and His resurrection , which meant that sin and death had been defeated

    1 Cor 2 . : 2.

    " For while I was with you I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and His death on the cross "

    Yes the question is " to whom shall we go" because the disciples realised that Jesus was the one to follow , not the priests or Pharisees aka the GB .

    This is the word of the Lord , thanks be to God , oops sorry I thought I was ending a sermon ! Lol


  • Tornintwo
    Pete zahut: They even say (publicly) that they are not the only ones who will survive into "the new system"

    where do they say this? This is a crucial point for me..

    they dont say this in writing as far as i have seen, they say the opposite, that you have to be associated with/supporting 'christs brothers' (them) and be in the modern day 'ark' otherwise you have no chance, it's not enough to to be sincere, you have to be in the 'true' religion. Individual brothers say things like "Jehovah can read hearts.." Etc as I did, we comfort ourselves with those thoughts, but that isn't what the WTBTS says. As far as the GB are concerned, all non witnesses will be burned, charred 'hotdogs roasting on a spit' (yes AMIII actually used that analogy in a talk, I have the link).

    thats my main problem with this religion." We are all right, you are all wrong, we will all live, you will all die." The opposite of christs message. The answer as others have pointed out is not where but whom, JC.

    BUT WHY?, why don't the GB take the more reasonable line? why don't they humbly say: "others will survive, Jehovah is merciful, we won't be the only ones" - the answer, as soon as you say that you take away the importance of the preaching work, membership of their congregations, allegiance to their cult .


  • fukitol

    You shouldn't hang off every word of old dead cult leaders. Try to learn not to give a fu#k more, you'll feel heaps better.

  • jhine

    Tornintwo , you are absolutely right . It is all about power and control .

    The leaders are more important than the message , the mark of a cult .


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    lie man swindle
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Tornintwo 7 hours ago
    Pete zahut: They even say (publicly) that they are not the only ones who will survive into "the new system"

    where do they say this? This is a crucial point for me..

    During the Australian Royal Commission Hearings. Governing Body Member G. Jackson was asked point blank if he thought that Jehovah's Witnesses were the only ones in the world that God is directing. He said the it would be presumptious of the G.B to assume that they were the only ones being directed by God. He was in a corner and knew the negative reaction that would have occurred if he'd have been honest.

    We all know that every indication is given in the literature and from the podium that JW's are the one and only true religion and everyone else is part of Babylon the Great and are being directed by Satan and will soon be destroyed by God.

    If you do a search on this site, you can find the video of the hearing where he makes this statement under oath.

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