I'm not alone in the congregation, after all

by ohnightdivine 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Giordano

    Tosca and ohnightdivine............ the pedophile issue would be your best shield to deflect any attacks...shunning... Meeting with the elders etc. It has become a major cause of stumbling for many.

    The 'two witness rule', meaning if there is not a second witness to this sick act and if the attacker denies it happened the Elders can do nothing! Then if they acknowledged the act........... historically the WT didn't want to involve the Authorities.

    Just DFing a person didn't protect any other congregation he/she could slither into to start the fun and games all over again. Nor did the community at large ever find out thereby putting their children at risk.

    The Society and Elders are being confronted with law suits more and more. Read up on the JW Pedophile problem and how terribly the WT has mishandled it.

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