I'm not alone in the congregation, after all

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  • stillin

    A brother once confided in me that if he were ever to have sexual relations with a woman, on the sly, it could never be a Witness. He said that they are fickle and riddled with guilt about everything and anything and the probability would be too great that she would have a change of heart and have him in front of a JC.

    Another brother, an elder, once suggested to me that, who knows? maybe in Paradise men and women will be able to know each other sexually without all of the problems that we have nowadays. He said, "we don't know. We just have to make it there."

    Weird, huh?

    I'm glad for you to have a friend, OND. Myself, I'm very careful what I say to anybody in the congregation. They may consider their personal knowledge of you as redeemable capital if they ever need a boost. That's why I spill my guts on an anonymous forum.;)

  • tosca

    Faded last year but last 2 years at meeting sooo difficult. Felt lost and alone when I left after 60 yrs in the borg. but joy, just over the last 2 weeks have made contact with others who have left (all for different reasons). Just makes such a difference to know others understand, especially when friends and family are shunning me.

  • ohnightdivine


    I cannot imagine how lonely that must have been if you were in for 60 years.. I'm glad you finally found the others, too!

  • Xanthippe

    Tosca, welcome to the forum and your freedom. Don't be alone, pull up a chair and when you feel ready tell us about yourself if you're able.

  • WillYouDFme

    Having someone else made a HUGE difference when I figured out TTATT! Me and a friend were figuring it out together at the same time. After that 2 others also became part of our group. 2 in my hall and 2 in halls near by.

    It helped so much. One was a servant, and one was an elder in those nearby halls.

  • tosca

    Thank you for your welcome - I have hesitated to sign up for any "apostate" sites because some of my family have been very suspicious of me, due to going from being a very active witness, fully involved in all cong. activities to hardly out in the ministry at all. Elders came round to ask why I had stopped answering as before I always did so much research. Now however I have told my family that I have left so their suspicions have been confirmed - been very careful what I say but they have still shunned me, except for one son who is also "out". I just don`t want the apostate label or I will have no hope of seeing my family again. So happy to be here with you guys.

  • truthlover123

    Right now, I can truthfully say I have come to know 3 males and three women and myself that have come to realize TTATT.

    All of us still attend but the "joy" is gone and time will be the long run for us all.

    The cong removes chairs now to fill up the rows and make it look as though the hall is full?? we have eyes and can see it is not ---, so its just not us. By the way, we belong to four different cong so I dont really know how others are faring.


  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    It wouldn't surprise me if there were even more in that congregation.

  • Xanthippe

    Tosca we're happy to have you with us. I'm glad your son is out too! If you do decide to start a short thread without giving any details that might give you away you will find a lot of support here because you might go unnoticed on this thread.

    It's up to you. Feel free to read and just hang out!

  • steve2

    It is great to have someone in a similar situation to confide in. Do keep in mind, though, that some who begin to doubt and even realize TTATT have a sudden change of heart and due to fear and obligation, confess to the elders. If that should happen to your friend, I'd like to think they would not name you, but....

    Just be careful, won't you?

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