G.W. Bush Quotes

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  • Abaddon

    Hi John!!

    How are you? Long time since the days of Tishie's board, but it's a bit like that Led Zeppe;lin albumn - 'The Song Remains The Same'!!

    ThiChi; As I said to Farkel, thinking that a leader can get away with not being a spokeman is silly. Bush is a bad speaker, and has too little common sense to see obvious howlers in his prepared speeches.

    This means the leader, the spokeman of the country, can actually make things worse by the simple expedient of SAYING SOMETHING. What's more, it happens.

    I think that's stupid. I would chose a leader who didn't make me want to watch the screen through my fingers whenever he gave a speech for fear he'd say something offensive, alienating, or just plumb stupid.

    He needs to regain his legs of responsibility...

  • Realist


    i am not the president of the most powerfull nation on earth (although i am certainly qualified for the job ).

    but joking aside...the intelligence of bush really doesn't matter. he can be a genius or a moron...the pres. of the US cannot do what he wants but is completely dependent on the lobbies he works for (and i am not talking about the US population).

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