Video: Governing Body's Ridiculous Viewpoint of Higher Education

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  • Golden4Altar
    Governing Body's Ridiculous Viewpoint of Higher Education

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The GB/WT is its own worst enemy.

  • Foolednomore

    WT hates higher education because once you grow a brain and get educated, you'll see that they are Bullshit!

  • no-zombie

    What I've seen in my life is, to Witnesses, to study the bible or a particular doctrine means to review or reread, previously written Watchtower publications.

    However for a person at University, to study means to research, using multiple independent and quality peer-reviewed sources, and then be able to boil that information down so that it can be accurately applied to a particular problem ... or perhaps find something actually new.

    As a result, higher education is very good producing people who can genuinely profess knowledge in a certain field.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it’s certainly obvious to everybody at this point that the JW religion hates higher education because it promotes critical thinking.

    They don’t like this because they want uneducated simpletons sitting there nodding ‘yes’.. What I noticed back when I was in was that there were studies started with people on the fringes who had serious issues.. A little higher education would have certainly benefited these individuals. Some had no life skills!!!..

    Even if the religion ‘hates’ education the way it does - they have to acknowledge that they have people there that are very much below par!.. I think they should at least publish useful articles in their magazines that that can help these people.

  • Rattigan350

    Considering all of the riots going on at the Universities, their view is right. University students are not the ones that we want to be around. The Universities do not teach anything healthy if that is what they learn to be political rioters.

  • r51785

    Rattigan350: Assuming that because there have been some students arrested for rioting that a University education is bad is like assuming that because some Jehovahs Witnesses have been convicted of child sexual abuse that all Jehovahs Witnesses are bad.

  • TxNVSue2023

    I feel like they should be more forthcoming & honest about the subject instead of just outright discouraging it. They should clearly explain WHY it's not the best choice & provide better alternatives to be able to balance making a living with Spiritual things. They DO need to acknowledge that people need to make an honest living BUT not to make that their whole life focus. They DO need to acknowledge that the 50's are over & that most women ( married or not) will also need to contribute financially. The world has become such a place that it's very difficult to live on a single income if you have a family.

  • no-zombie

    I wish people would stop thinking that America is the center of the world ... and that just because something is happening the US, it must be happening everywhere else.

    No its not.

    Its only in America where you can get a Degree in Klingon, Harry Potter or Miley Cyrus.

  • Vanderhoven7

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