"Thanks for the thought" - how the religion robs people of normal humanity

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  • stuckinarut2

    So as you all know, my wife and I are not officially DF or DA.

    A small event happened this week that I have to share!

    A family that we were really close to (dinners and catch ups several times a month , go out socially often, play sport together, helped them through tough times, like uncle and aunty to their kids, etc)

    The wife's father died. We heard about it from the husband. So in our true fashion, we took flowers around. They were not home, so we left them at the door and sent a text message "so sorry to hear about the sad news. Lots of love ___"

    NO reply from her. One late text from him "thanks for thought"

    Now, we didn't want a song and dance or praise for it, but the level of coldness did strike me as really sad. Whatever gossip and slander the elders have spread about us must be at such a level that even an act of kindness like this is treated with contempt and suspicion.

    But, its not a cult or anything.....

  • stillin

    People that we have been "close friends" with for many years are now aloof and distant, even when we are at a meeting. We just don't fit the profile anymore; I am inactive and my wife is getting sporadic with her meeting attendance. Does that mean that we can't get together and have a glass of wine and some snacks and bring each other up to speed with each others' lives? I was mistaken to have been calling them friends, I guess.

    Even if we get together, it's awkward. He is an elder and, of course, he is trying to reactivate me to save my life. She is a princess/elderette who is concerned about others will view her if she has a good time at my house.

    Yup. Not much humanity there.

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah it’s truly amazing how people can turn off their brain towards someone that no longer in their cult or dfd.

    I recently told my youngest child one of the reasons why I don’t go to the Kingdom Hall. He’s about 8 and noticed he was working on creating the solar system with out planets and the sun. I used this opportunity to tell him that the Bible writers thought that the earth was flat over 50 such scriptures and that they were just a bunch of goat herders that didn’t know much.

    Did say it that way exactly but since then I’ve have noticed he’s treating me better much more in to me so to speak. I’ll be sharing more bible truths with him in the future.

  • sparrowdown

    Cult love is fake love.

  • Wakanda

    My parents would regularly discuss with each other the absurdity of unconditional love.

  • steve2

    I would respect JWs more if they simply handed me a bunch of hoops along with a nice clear note that read:

    “Jump through all of these first - and we will then consider whether or not to talk to you.”

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I feel most people who are converts who came into this cult are looking for love and stability in their life's. Those who are born-in's only know cult love. In both cases the idea of showing love to one another is wrap by cult teachings. How could anyone have a healthy outlook on showing love to one another when one of your basic beliefs is everyone on this planet is going to be killed by the god you worship? The us against them mentality this cult has cultivated has caused a thinking where everyone in the organizationis is even against each other. This is why the jw's religion robs them of their normal humanity. Anyway that's my thought on this subject. Still Totally ADD

  • ToesUp

    Stillin said it perfectly, "We just don't fit the profile anymore."

    Someone posted one time that as soon as you show signs that you are "weak", if JW's can not "fix" you, they will dehumanize you. You are no longer a human to them. Sad but true. They can't and won't get it, UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO THEM.

  • ttdtt

    stuck - same boat.

    We faded with not one knowing any bad reason why.

    Being stumbled is the only thing they could attribute to.

    Instead of being upset someone who may have done that to us, we just got preemptively shunned.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    They say tragedy unites people.

    But cult members... they're not "people". They're conduits of the Governing Body, devoid of any humanity, natural affection or human instincts. Completely hollow and ready for filling with the latest serving of WT propaganda.

    You knew this couple and they were essentially you and @Unstuck's closest couple friends. The amount of things you did - not just with them, but FOR them - surpasses any casual friendship.

    Did they ever care to ask you WHY you're not at the meetings? Did they ever care when @Untuck's father was on life support a few months ago? Did they ever care for the HUMAN BEINGS you guys are?

    So... "thanks for the thought," @stuckinarut2. You should have mentioned that you followed up with a sincere text enquiring how the wife is going, which was greeted with...


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