What triggered your awaking?

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  • Fadeaway1962

    I was listening to a radio show about a JW women who had been disfellowshiped , her daughter cut off all contact ,must admit at the time I thought so what.

    Then this man phoned up and explained he was disfellowshiped for asking about JWs being NGO in the United Nations during 90s till early 2000s when a newspaper exposed them , I still thought he's a apostate but looked it up found the article then found this forum and even more info.

  • Simon

    Yeah, at some point after you hear all these things you get curious and look something up and discover ... that the society were the ones lying and the "apostates" were the ones telling the truth.

    You then look at all the other things you heard and find out that they lie about so much. It can almost be overwhelming, certainly unsettling - which is why films like "The Village" and "The Matrix" strike a chord and are often the best way to describe the experience.

    For me, the science behind evolution vs creation and the flood myth, coupled with life events (having small children) made me question things and discover the emperor had no clothes.

    Once you are willing to look at things honestly, you also learn that the emperor is not only naked but likes to be alone with small children and the courtiers work to cover it up.

    It's a vile organization - masquerading as moral and righteous but rotten inside.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    not a born in--but the watchtower cult was all i had known since a pre-teen. i was baptised at 14, pioneer at 16, servant at 18. it was all i knew. married to a born in at 20 ( for sex ). wife became pregnant when i was 23..and i was already having a lot of doubts. the blood policy really got to me as a father to be. i never had any real interest in the religion..it was all a sham to please others.

    so i quit.

  • JimmyYoung

    1995 change the definition of generation to some bull shit over lapping lame ass BS. I threw down the tower and said out loud I am out. And have not looked back. I have went to a few KHs for funerals and had to SMMouth to keep the peace. But no worries even though I knew how to avoid DFing by never ever talking to two JWs at the same time, no one would even look at me. I did have one of my cousins give me a grin for what ever reason that was for. He was always an idiot, and one elder did look at me walking by and gave me that look of so sad to see what you have become.

  • JoenB75

    I would say when I started getting faith and reading the Bible years after stopping to go to the Kingdom hall, it was obvious to me that Russell and JWs were not what I had been told they were and that they added a lot to the Word just like the Catholics

  • LV101

    Couple of comments from teenagers really sealed the deal for me - I'd already quit going but made me laugh and I realized what a con game it was. 1) They beg for money subliminally; (2) They are captives of a concept (really loved that one before I realized there was a book with similar title); (3) Jehovah reads the heart -- well, if he reads the heart why would I ever have anything to do with this despicable scam and the con-artist people. Quite a pecking order but there are a few very good people inside - very few but I wasn't in long but way too long for comfort.

    Mostly the behavior and con artists were reason I walked - thought of living on earth forever around those people and the lies they print in the 'journals' didn't add up. I wanted nothing to do with it.

  • LongHairGal


    Same here..I was the single working woman viewed as ‘unspiritual’ because I didn’t pioneer. .But, I was ever optimistic things would get better..However, it all went out the window when this nonsensical 1995 Generation teaching came out..I then planned my long overdue ‘fade’ from this bullshit.

    Don’t underestimate how badly this 1995 Generation teaching cost the JW religion in membership!..Maybe people didn’t react right away but as it sank in they made other plans (at least thinking people did).

    Many people such as myself left over the following decade.


    I also don’t miss the con artists and others there who never wanted to work..I’m Retired now and glad I never listened to all the BS in the Witness religion.

  • LV101

    LHG - you make me laugh. There's some real disordered characters in those bunkers - omigoodness! They'd be so kind and nice when they wanted something and then - wham - would really snub and glare again. I've never been around so many loons/cons under one roof.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    It started in 2004 when I was up at Bethel helping painting the interior of the old factory buildings. Walking around Brooklyn I couldn't understand why the wt. had so many buildings they were not using but to house bethelites to maintain the buildings. That really bother me alot! This reality lead me to look into other things because of the doubts this caused. Still Totally ADD

  • DesirousOfChange

    The overlapping generation was the final straw but there were lots of dominoes before that.

    Image result for dominos falling

    Once one starts to fall, it isn't long before the whole thing collapses.

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