Do You For The Most Part Trust The News Media?

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  • minimus

    The media is very powerful. Many news people just want to get a scoop even if their breaking story isn’t checked out for accuracy. Some journalists are precise and double check whatever they are reporting.

    Do you think highly of the news media? Do you trust them?

  • joe134cd

    I can give you an account of the news media. I knew a person who was a close blood relative (although had little to do with the relative or his family )of a person who was convicted of committing a brutal rape and murder.

    When it all happened and during the trial him and his wife were receiving unsolicited phone calls and visits from journalists, wanting their thoughts on the case. Unfortunately he also carried the same name as the perpetrator (a name which also wasn’t very common) and it got to the point we’re he was even to scared to mention his last name. He ended up locking his gate.

  • rockemsockem
  • minimus

    They can be jackals

  • RubaDub

    I certainly don't trust in the least the right wingnuts on Fox News (or more rightly Fox Opinions. I don't know how they can use the word News with a straight face). The same is with the left wingnuts on MSNBC who at least don't include the word News in their name. You know you are getting something geared more for entertainment when you tune in to them.

    The "major" news networks (ABC/CBS/NBC) ... ahem ... I think they lean to the left, some more than others, but generally if I had to get something as close to the facts as possible I would would take what they report over the loons on the cable networks.

    I think if you work for any of the cable "news" networks that they make you drink out of a separate fountain spiked with some sort of chemical to affect the brain.

    Rub a Dub

  • Humphry

    In the US I find the news media very bias for either republican or democrat which is natural I try to listen to both to try and get a more accurate picture of what is going on. The Mueller Report being discussed in congress is great I like listen to both sides R&D I figure nobody has a monopoly on truth. I think these are exciting times for a Republic Democracy to see the whole investigative process take place, hopefully no serious harm to the country. I think there should be some refinements in the system as well. It's a time to try one's soul and learn a little more about personal rights and whatnot.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Sorry, but not since Walter Cronkite.

    All of the media is owned by Big Business and they all have an agenda and they "sell" their agenda as "news".

  • minimus

    I like facts .

  • Tameria2001

    It depends on who is telling the news. I will never trust CNN simply because they got busted a few times on making stuff up. When it comes to my local news, yes.

  • vienne

    Do I trust the media? No, Never.

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