Do You For The Most Part Trust The News Media?

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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Hell no, and more and more people are catching on

    The mainstream media as described by a commentator who's YouTube channel has banned just today - Black Pigeon Speaks.

    “Clearly what is being represented in Europe today is the rejection of the globalist model for the western world, in fact around the world people are rejecting the neo liberal world view pushed by the corporate owned mainstream media which at this point is little more than a propaganda arm of the global banking cartels, working to squeeze every last cent out of a globalised capital market".

    Black Pigeon is just the latest whistle blower to be silenced by the filth.


  • minimus

    When lies make up a news story and bias is the basis for a news event, it doesn’t inspire me to believe a story or for that matter believe anything they push out.

  • stillin

    As George Carlin put it so succinctly, "There's a club. And we're not in it."

    The news is meant to manipulate the public. I really miss good old fashioned journalism.

  • minimus

    I wonder if there’s any journalist out there that is unbiased and reports the news fairly.

  • LV101

    NEVER -- other than Fox (which has many on the left debating/reporting their side of political news -- whether the reporters/anchors/journalists agree with them or not. Most other news media are DNC outlets and only take up time with crazy to hold the few viewers they have.

  • hoser

    The cbc (communist broadcasting channel) is definitely way out in left field. Government propaganda is what they are.

    I like the independent channels like Rebel Media. They go after the real issues.

  • blondie

    I check things out from several sources, many times realizing that it is early in the game to come to any conclusion.

    But in the day of instant replay of things said on screen, I think some people don't remember or have convenient memories or try to rewrite history.

  • LV101

    You have to flip the channels for sure or read online and it's time consuming.

  • waton

    I was a courier in 1940 to bring superhet radios to paying people that wanted to listen to BBC ( blocked on the Volks-empfaenger) the radio equivalent of the Volks-wagen

    still like it.

  • smiddy3

    News Media is like any other format of entertainment ,its like a hook line and sinker ,to catch the interest of the public with bait ,hook them and draw them in and if possible hold them captive.

    Its just become another form of entertainment with a smattering of truth here and there.

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