So what happens next...

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Yes..the hall was listed at £450,000 ive got photos some where i will dig out.

  • Ron.W.

    Yes, what happens next?

    I've wondered (as has been discussed here) if the watchtower's plan is to quietly wind the jw religion right down to just an online religion

    1.The first step, sell as many kingdom halls as possible leaving a skeleton selection of halls.

    2. Get as many donations on a regular basis from the remaining kingdom halls publishers.

    3.Decrease the regular and auxiliary pioneer hour requirement.

    4.Reduce the circuit overseers visit to just a couple of days

    5.Get rid of district overseers completely.

    6.Lay off as many at bethel worldwide as possible.

    7.Reduce the meetings to mainly just watching prepared videos.

    8.Remove the requirement to count time and submit a monthly report.

    9.Allow brothers to have a beard.

    10.Cart witnessing replaces door to door work.

    11.Electronic books and magazines and the jw website heavily promoted.

    12.Stop printing the wt and awake and release just a few copies a year - or rehash older copies for the public.

    Yes the jw chariot is certainly on the move,,,

  • Bartolomeo

    5. district overseers have been scrapped several years ago

    9.beards have recently been permitted

    11. & 12. already implemented

  • Teddnzo

    Ron I think all of those are happening now. CO visit is just a few days a week. He has Monday and Tuesday off, first min group is Wednesday. Then Thursday meeting in the evening then Friday elders meeting and the weekend ministry

    I would add

    13. New light on shunning, why do we now allow allow talking to disfellowshiped ones? Same as beard’s because the Bible doesn’t tell us not to.

  • Ron.W.

    Thanks Teddnzo. 13. great point - (I was just making a list as a sort of resume.)

    I have probably missed a few important things out too knowing me!

    Oh yes - the 'improved' music/kingdom songs - goodness, bring back the born againers with their tambourines all is forgiven!!😉😂

  • Teddnzo

    14. The big one new light on 1914. “We can’t be dogmatic we just don’t know”

    maybe Michael was not Jesus, we just don’t know. Maybe the battle in heaven did not happen in 1914 we just don’t know.

    isn’t it wonderful how Jehovah reveals new light just at the proper time

  • Ron.W.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    heres the ryde KH--photos from google images ( probably from this site previously

    File:Kingdom Hall, Brading Road, Ryde (May 2016) (2).JPG - Wikipedia

  • stan livedeath
  • Vidiot

    I think some of the “reforms” they’re implementing might backfire and cause further disillusionment rather than restoke membership zeal.


    Because I can’t shake the feeling that the leadership is basing at least some of these decisions on a mistaken assumption…

    …that deep down, the “lukewarm” ones still believe it’s The Truth.

    They haven’t really grasped that (like I said in another thread) guys don’t fade because they want to grow beards…

    …they grow beards because they want to fade.

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