Watch: Jehovah's Witnesses official says to destroy records because

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  • Dunedain

    This stuff should really be put out there for the authorities, lawyers, leaders, politicians, and child advocacy groups, to see how shady this organization really is.

    Its never about humbling themselves and admitting doing wrong, and fixing things. Its never about them protecting the very children in their own organization. The same children that they are supposed to protect, shepherd, and watch over. Remember how Jesus himself, LOVED the little children, and wanted to be approachable for them.

    What would Jesus think of this organization, with whom archaic policies actually HURT, and ABUSE children? He would have stormed the very offices, and abodes of the leaders of this false organization. He would have focused his time and energy into exposing them, and stopping them. Like he flipped and threw the tables, and money changers in the temples, he would have stormed the very doors of Upstate NY.

    The least we can do is help put this info out there. This kind of stuff is HUGE. It shows their TRUE heart conditions. They are ONLY concerned with covering up, trying to hide records, and erasing the evils, ONLY for the protection of their fat asses.

    All the COs, and Elders that go along with this, and help in hiding records, and destroying evidence, should REALLY beware of what they choose to do. Now they can and should be held responsible as well as the GB themselves. If they sign on to this, and go along with this evil, they show where their hearts are, and they shall be held to, and judged by their actions as well.

  • zeb

    The elders stated at the ARC that they destroy records so wives don't get access to them.

    This said a lot for the standing of elders wives who would go through cong business to see what was worth knowing and the idiocy of the elders to say such a thing assuming any and everyone would roll over and agree with the practice. Out of this is revealed the contemptible attitude of the wt to women.

  • Vidiot

    "The lawyers are coming! Shred the fucking files! Shred the fucking files!"

  • Vidiot

    Seriously though, has this ever happened before?

    'Cause historically, only regimes facing serious problems start doing shit like this.


    As far as I'm concerned, all this does in confirm what more and more of us are suspecting...

    ...the Org's lawyers have told them that they're losing.

    No wonder they're making apocalypse movies.

    They think it's finally happening.

  • truetomharley

    The reason the Witnesses have whatever child abuse records they do is that they sought to investigate this evil in their midst at a time that others did not. Should they destroy anything, it merely puts them on par with everyone else, who never left a ‘paper trail’ in the first place because they never were proactive. Seen in this light, it does indeed seem that Satan is ‘coming after them.’ It is the quintessential example of the cynical phrase: ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’

    On the other side of the world, the Jehovah’s Witness organization during the same year was banned in Russia. Government and media have partnered to whip the public into a froth, hurling many virulent accusations about the faith. Yet, child sexual abuse allegations have played no part whatsoever. Chivchalov states that nobody has heard of it there. Only after the ban did the Russian Embassy, in response to one of my tweets, respond with a Western headline of pedophile charges.

    In other words, they found a completely separate reason to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Keep in mind that we are speaking of the faith whose members are universally recognized as ‘pacifist’ – who will on no account resort to violence or support war efforts. It is highly unusual for a large group of people to have absolutely no blood on their hands in this regard, but they do not. Is it so crazy for the Witness spokesman to say: ‘Satan is coming after us?” Given the foregoing, it would almost be crazy for him not to.

    Among the most heated charges in Russia are those of Jehovah’s Witnesses refusing blood transfusions, stemming from their interpretation of scripture. It is an issue that has largely been put to bed in the West because of the success of bloodless medicine and the growing recognition that transfusion therapy poses many risks. Still, it does happen from time to time that such refusal costs a Witness his or her life. Russian media rages over this, labeling leaders of the religion murderers.

    Surely, somewhere along the line it should be acknowledged that Jehovah’s Witnesses have absolutely no deaths at all attributed to illicit drug abuse, overdrinking, and tobacco use, save only for when someone is slipping into old habits. Witnesses could multiply transfusion deaths 1000-fold and still not not come close to the mortality record of the overall world. Far and away, they are the ‘safest’ religion out there. Yet they are said to be the murderers.

    And we are to laugh when they say: ‘Satan is coming after us?’ One thing we know about opposers: they will always overplay their hand, giving honest-hearted persons a heads-up. How can it not be getting near to crunch time?

    It is in the free ebook (soon to be in print), ‘Dear Mr. Putin – Jehovah’s Witnesses Write Russia,’ with chapter 12 devoted to pedophile accusations. I had no idea when I wrote it that the book would so quickly become so relevant.

  • dubstepped

    Wow, the brainwashing is strong with this one. It takes mindlessness to on one hand praise the cult for having no blood on its hands, then follow it up with the skewed view of their blood policy, a policy that goes beyond scripture and has led to the death of countless individuals.

    What a load of crap. Your false prophet cult has been proclaiming "crunch time" for over a century, getting it wrong time and again. Your free ebook is sanctioned by the faithful and discreet slave I'm sure?

  • dubstepped

    Also, to reach so far to pat yourself on the back in praise of their handling of child abuse cases makes you pretty much a disgusting human being. Do you feel good knowing that your cult sat on so many cases while discouraging people from going to actual authorities? Do you feel good worshiping an organization that even now fights against taking strong steps to protect the most vulnerable among them, that needs worldly governments to get them to take any action? I hope you don't suffer from motion sickness, because you'll need to find a bathroom after that much spin.

  • LV101

    How can they lawfully get away with this?! If they don't change the stupid laws in this country to protect individuals instead of fake religions -- this is pure evil.

    I'm sure the pedophile lawyers have their number but this evil, criminal, religion, is always protected.

  • sir82

    Surely, somewhere along the line it should be acknowledged that Jehovah’s Witnesses have

    absolutely no deaths at all attributed to illicit drug abuse, overdrinking, and tobacco use

    LOL - and all those drug-addicted & alcoholic JWs, populating each congregation, at times by the dozen - well, they're not real JWs, are they?

  • dubstepped

    @LV101 - yes, it shows that the cult is willing to hide evidence that would prove the truthfulness of something. That should tell you all you need to know about the cult we all followed. They peddle "The Truth" but will do anything necessary to protect what they really love, money that keeps their god, the organization that they worship, standing. They have proven not to care about the truth of the pain they've caused by allowing pedophiles to be protected, they don't care about the deaths of humans due to their blood policy, they don't care about helping one's that are hurt by them, they only care about themselves. No charity work there, it's all for them. They should lose their tax free status and go be the mega real estate corporation that they want to be.

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