Watch: Jehovah's Witnesses official says to destroy records because

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  • Magnum

    truetomharley: "Far and away, they are the ‘safest’ religion out there."

    Do you call something that could ruin one's life "safe"? JWdom took my life. It made my life miserable. I am 58 years old, and I have no prospects of retirement because I was an all-in JW for decades. My life is extremely hard now because of the financial situation my having been a JW put me in.

    The "end" was supposed to have long been here by now. JWdom falsely prophesied. It was WRONG. It hurt me drastically. My once happy wife recently told me that she doesn't even mind dying now - that, in fact, she wishes her death would come quickly. That's because of the situation JWdom put us in.

    You say JWism is the safest religion out there??? Well, if I had been a Catholic, or a Methodist, or a Baptist, I wouldn't have lost my life as I did with JWism.

  • Vidiot

    re. Magnum's post...

    Hard to argue with.

    I remember the first time I came to the disturbing realization that the WT lifestyle might not be the healthiest lifestyle.

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