Ozzie's Weekend Poll #41

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  • pr_capone

    #6 here. I was one fo those "reaching out" for more bullshit priviliges in the congregation.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • lisavegas420

    4 and 5 and 10 and 11 other :also the guilt thing


  • jst2laws

    Hello Ozzie,

    OH Boy, when pioneering Joy and I lived by the adage of an early mentor of ours, "I count myself into the pioneer service, not out of it." This was Mark Lett, a genuine person, father of Steve Lett, now on the GB. What he meant was he counted his time so it allowed him to continue pioneering. He was a good guy, really interested in people. He played many games like this to be counted into the organization even moving from where we, he and his wife and Joy2bfree and I, all pioneered together and soon became a CO. (Another example: "The WT says it is OK to watch a little TV. So I bought a TV with a 12 inch screen")

    While I played all the games to count time so as to meet the requirements I was sincerely interested in helping people to find the "truth" as I understood it. Unfortunately, I was relatively successful. I hope those people forgive me.


  • Soledad

    Hi all

    #10 for me. I also felt "bloodguilty" if I didnt do it.

  • Francois

    For appearances only. I would actually go out for about an hour after meetings on Sunday, and then lie about the other six, and that was my ten. Well, they were lying to us - so since it was sauce for the goose...


  • simplesally

    I'm about the same as Wednesday..... --to be with with my friends --so as not to be bloodguilty I used to enjoy field service, for years actually. It was only at the end that it became a chore. When I was a regular pioneer, I had more time to do it and I always tried to "make friends" at the door, viewing others as potential brothers or sisters. After I had to work more, it was much more difficult to go out and do RV's on weekends and it was highly unlikely to find bible study. Even if I had, I had no time during the week to conduct one. I was always very conversational and able to place tons of literature. As a pioneer, I had lots of RV's and people enjoyed seeing me come around as I never made them feel that I was trying to convert them. People said I cheered them up. I really had much joy in service until I found myself a "weekend publisher."

  • unclebruce
    I hope he liked my big smile! It looked about like this: See, that was friendly wasn't it?

    oooo you're a bad man ozzie! lol

    last report i put in was two hours short and it nearly drove the PO nuts. (shock horror - he even sugested i cheat the report and 'make it up this month'

    uncle by the book bruce

    rubber ducky to m.ozzie <--- got my glasses on cos mrs ozzy's probly in the nudie again lol.

  • onacruse

    Well, I have to opt for #11:

    For the most part of the first 30 years, I really enjoyed field service. I fully believed that I had a wonderful message to share and a unique group of Christians to offer to the people I met. The last 10 years, things changed, and I went out in service more and more just to keep the elders off my back. For the last 2 years, I stopped. Then the JCs started (what a surprise) LOL

    One major improvement: I'm back to being the open, out-spoken person I used to be. I'm sure I'm still wrong about many things, but I no longer fear to lay it up on the table. I don't know what I don't know, but in the meantime wysiwyg.



    Mostly Numbers #2 and #4.

  • Prisca

    Glad to hear that you're up and about Ozzie. Nice of you to give the local Bethel boy one of your friendly smiles. Interesting that his wife smiled back - wonder if she got a lecture when they got back to their car??

    Anyway, back to business:

    My answer is:

    4. Because I knew I must.

    5. The Bible Watchtower says so.

    7. Because I had nothing else to do.

    8. To be out with my friends.

    10. I wanted to get through Armageddon.

    11. Other (please detail) - Because there were times when I actually didn't mind it (true!)

    When you've been brought up as a JW, going out witnessing is part and parcel of being a JW. I rarely ever questioned why we were going out - after all, didn't the fact that we did go door to door prove that we were God's people???

    There were times I went out simply because I was in such a routine of going out every Saturday morning, that if I did anything else, I felt out of sorts. It was a way of spending time with my JW friends, since I didn't have any non-JW friends.

    And yes, there were times I actually didn't mind going from door to door. I enjoyed talking to people, listening to their ideas and conversing with them. I never had the heart to actually convert anyone, which I am thankful for now!

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