Ozzie's Weekend Poll #41

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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Well, how's your weekend goin'? Mrs Ozzie's soakin' in her bubble bath, listening to the rain falling outside, and all is quiet this evenin'. Bumped into a branch committee member in the supermarket earlier today. Was he surprised! I hope he liked my big smile! It looked about like this: See, that was friendly wasn't it? Poor fella! Still his missus gave a big smile. Now that was nice. Otherwise, we still are feeling rather crook, but still standing, eh?

    So, time for a weekend poll, methinks. It's number 41 already. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

    This weekend's poll question has to do with how the Dubs feel about earning their way through Armageddon. Here it is:

    Why did you feel you had to "get your hours in"?

    1. To remain a "qualified" elder/ministerial servant.

    2. To make up my quota as a pioneer.

    3. So I didn't get a shepherding call.

    4. Because I knew I must.

    5. The Bible Watchtower says so.

    6. Because I wanted to "take the lead".

    7. Because I had nothing else to do.

    8. To be out with my friends.

    9. It was such fun!

    10. I wanted to get through Armageddon.

    11. Other (please detail)

    As always, we're looking forward to reading your responses. Enjoy.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • rebel

    None of these really. I suppose you could say it was sort of number 4. I really thought that this was what God expected and this was the way to serve him.

    Dumb, wasn't I?


  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    #1 and #5, mostly #5.

    I really disliked Field Service. After a while I stopped going out with the group and only went with certain ones I enjoyed company with, more socializing than devotion.

    Loved those coffee breaks!!


  • Englishman

    # 1 I'm ashamed to say.

    Always detested door to door work. It wasn't just folk in drought areas that prayed for rain!


  • wednesday

    8 -to be with friends

    11 -so i would not be blood guilty( i once felt that way)

  • gumby

    11. other

    I did it for a few of those reasons.

    I was always a yes man, wanted to keep an exemplary record for "the boys" .....and I was the Service oveerseer for a few years....I had to.

    I was always exemplarary in things anyways as far as theocratic assignments.

    I actually was one of the weird ones who liked service if it was rural territory and I had a pal to work with.


  • shera

    4 & 5

    other---> didn't want to be blood guilty,for someone loosing their life at armageddon.

  • ozziepost

    It seems the guilt trip is something many dubs are on. One can only wonder at the type of Master who would get his servants to work for him out of a sense of guilt.


  • Eppie

    Mostly 4 and 5. I never really enjoyed going out in the service. Only once, when a cute naked guy opened the door to me and my friend .


  • searchfothetruth

    probably 3 for me.

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