Today's text caused a fight between myself and my "Still In" wife.

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  • freddo

    Please tell me were not going to get a "100" year birthday party err... anniversary get-together for the "2019" service year.

    Actually, no - let's hope the gibbering boobies go for it - it will then wake even more up ... won't it?


  • Ding

    "Of course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a “prophet” of God. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. What does it show?"

    The Watchtower, April 1, 1972, p. 197

    "The spirit of the God of truth can be expected to cause a purification of the things that are preached by God’s approved loyal organization. His spirit would not allow for anyone to prophesy falsehood, the preaching of lies and errors under the cloak of religion."

    The Watchtower, October 1, 1961, p. 595

  • zeb

    FDS..? we were taught for years that the fds was the entire bethel group who were printing all the stuff for the world to read. Now its just the gb..?

    then consider..the statement ina court in Australia where the wt lawyers said the fds is just a convenient theological arrangement. this caused the biggest "Huh!" from the jw in the audience.

    The gb says one thing one minute and another the next.

    They left brothers' and families in the shit over service in the Vietnam war by saying refuse any alternative service (but iwas told to say it was my idea not thatof the church) and go to jail later this spirit organised org changed its tune so the spirit had a second look at itself.

    with all their secrecy over records the wt was more than happy to hand over the fs reports of young brothers to the govt in the Apartheid era govt of south Africa for the govt/courts to determine how zealous the brother was. This handing over records was a sleazy attempt to force brothers out into the fs more than ever.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    Celestial chariot = Ezekiel's UFO encounter

  • johnamos

    NikL, I am curious if your wife would agree that Jesus has NOT appointed a ‘faithful slave’…have her read the following and see if she agrees with what is actually stated in the Bible.

    Do you agree that in regards to Matthew 24:45-47 of the topic of ‘the faithful slave’ that verse 45 is merely asking the question of who is, but verse 46 goes on to state that ‘the slave’ that is found doing so ‘on the master’s arrival’ is who will ‘then at that time be found to be faithful’ and appointed over the master’s belongings.

    In other words, ‘the slave’ is just a ‘slave’ prior to the master’s arrival and it is up to the master upon his arrival to determine what slave/s are ‘faithful or not. It is not up to the slave/s themselves to determine their own faithfulness. To further demonstrate this, please consider the following scriptures.

    (Matthew 25:14,19,21,23,26-27 Luke 19:13,15,17,22-23)

    As can be seen, the master summoned ‘SLAVES’, not faithful ones, nor wicked ones, just ‘SLAVES’. But it is on the master’s arrival that he then determines which of those ‘SLAVES’ were faithful or wicked. The point being is that it is presumptuous for the ‘slave/s’ to consider/call themselves ‘faithful’ presently, when that is something that is for the master to determine/say when he arrives. In fact to the contrary ‘the slaves’ when calling themselves anything, the master himself said what is found at Luke 17:10

  • EverApostate

    So the spirit inclined the Governing body to become a member of the Disgusting wild beast (UNO).

  • jwfacts

    I wonder why she felt it important to read that to you, since it is a very common Watchtower comment that you would have heard hundreds of times over the years.

    There are a lot of very specific statements made, with no proof provided to back any of it up. Yet JWs seem to think that because it is stated it must be true, classic circular reasoning.

  • SAHS

    Text of Sun., Feb. 18, 2018: Jesus has appointed the ‘faithful slave’ to be the ONLY channel for dispensing spiritual food.

    But when you really think of it, is the Governing Body of the Watch Tower corporation the one-and-only means of providing spiritual food in the entire globe of humanity? Considering their track record of contradictions – including freemasonry, pyramidology, Seventh Day Adventism, racism/antiSemitism, misogyny, many incorrect assumptions and false predictions, etc. – in comparison with the entire human population on earth, their claim is way beyond ridiculous. The “ONLY channel for dispensing spiritual food”? Really?

    When you put things in perspective like that, things become so obvious. By the process of elimination, whatever the case could be, the Watch Tower simply could NOT hold any credibility at all.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Jesus arrives in October 1914 and 3 and a half years later (patterned after his first coming) he cleanses his spiritual temple (i.e. rejects Christendom after raising the apostles etc. in the spring of 1918) Then later (1919) after a final temple inspection appoints the Brooklyn slave.

    It's all there in Revelation.

  • TD

    I don't understand the text.

    Are they still perpetuating the fiction that the GB existed prior to the 1970's?

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