Why pigs???

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  • sparky1

    "Humor was another of the soul's weapons in the fight for self preservation." - Viktor E. Frankl

    "When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him." - Thomas S. Szasz

    I'll keep my sense of humor, thank you.

  • David_Jay

    I didn't say people couldn't be humorous, Sparky1.

  • sparky1

    "If you waste your time on here joking, you are wasting a readers time." David_Jay

    "They seriously need our help, not our jokes." David_Jay

    I'll keep my sense of humor and my JOKES, thank you.

  • doubtfull1799

    Good OP stuck.

    David_Jay Even though I’m an atheist I always enjoy your contributions. It is always fascinating to read the perspective of a practising Jew that has a scholarly knowledge of the history and traditions of the Bibliclal topics under discusssion. Something we never learned as JWs. Your comments are always educational, whether one agrees with the Jewish viewpoint or not. It is still enlightening to hear that perspective form a more authentic channel. Please don’t leave or stop contributing. You are appreciated here.

  • David_Jay

    My name is Charles Dunn. I am David’s friend.

    He left very upset to his synagogue tonight. For the past two days he has been posting feverishly on this site after an absence on it for some time. I was hoping he would never go back as it makes him upset. David has some challenges, which he has told me he has shared with this site for the first time tonight.

    I have finally got him to agree to stop coming on this site. Whatever it is you folks do to him, it’s not good.

    David is a highly intelligent, successful individual and professional. He has spent his life in community projects on a national and international level. At 50 he has much to show for it. He is also on the autism spectrum, highly functioning, what people used to call having Asperger's syndrome.

    People on the spectrum can become obsessive. People like him are highly logical and rational. They can see things others can’t, especially when people are lying to themselves. So they can be a little too blunt with us and say things to us we don’t want to hear. That is David. It frustrates him that others don’t like to hear the truth. He doesn’t this.

    I apologize if his bluntness has upset anyone. That is his main flaw. He doesn’t realize when he shouldn’t point out another’s problem. Normally people gloss over another’s faults and just move on. David expects people to appreciate being corrected. He enjoys being told where he made a mistake and fixing himself, but you better be right when you do this otherwise he will correct you about your correction.

    But I’ve been reading what he’s been writing for the past two days too. And I’ve been reading through this site. I’m sorry for all the hurt you folks have gone through as Jehovah’s Witnesses. I recall David’s own experiences. The hurt shows.

    However, there is a lot of unnecessary hate that comes through. A lot. And I hope some of you do something for it because it shows that you need healing.

    The reason I got David to promise to never return is because the way his comments about religion gets him treated by some of you here. It get him more than mocked. It him and his words treated with hateful disrespect.

    I am an atheist. I have no need for religion. But that type of speech is very, very wrong. I know hurt from your experience as a Jehovah’s Witness is at the basis for most of it, but you direct it at a person and his culture. His religion of Judaism is tied to a people, so every word you say about his religion is about his people and culture. I would never do that. Reading some of your words here is definitely a sign that there is a lack of connection with propriety and social responsibility.

    My main concern in David. He doesn’t understand that some of you are being hateful towards him because he’s the easiest and closest thing to hate now that you are out of your cult. But I do. So I am taking him away. And he’s not coming back.

    I wish you the best. I hope some of you heal and realize there’s more to being an atheist than hating and mocking religion and religious people.

    I will post this in two of the threads he had open tonight to make sure all is settled.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    With you 100% on what you just wrote!

    Charles Dunn

    I for one will miss David's posts, and for similar reasons to those already stated by Doubtfull1799. However, if participation on this board is proving detrimental to him, then best he does refrain from further involvement.

  • dogisgod

    I had an elder speak to this scripture. He said you could learn a couple of things from it. First, demons can't just possess animals willy nilly. The demons had to have Jesus permission to enter them, otherwise all humans and probably all life would be wiped out by those crazy demons. Secondly, in line with the demons desiring physical feelings, as when materializing into men and having sex "with all whom they chose" they would rather enter the pigs and physically dash those porcine bodies to death than be put back in the non feeling ether.

  • smiddy3

    I consider myself an Atheist and have always appreciated David Jays posts from a Jewish perspective and welcomed them.

    It is probably also true that I may have said something that could be construed as detrimental to a person holding the Bible as the word of GOD.

    However I have never intended to offend a believer because of their religious beliefs.

    I have a suggestion for you Charles Dunn and David Jay that you might like to consider .

    Rather than being on this public forum as it is , David could use the option of the PM to keep in contact with people like myself who appreciate his input on so many issues and getting the Jewish insight of what is basically a Jewish Bible.

    Their are many on this forum that appreciate David Jays input.It would be a crying shame to deprive us of his comments because of a few individuals.

    I think it would be a total loss for us not to have him have any contact with anyone anymore on this forum.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I wish they ran threw a hot BBQ and got splashed with hot sauce and fell into my mouth! Mmmm death by bacon!

  • VW.org

    Hey witness 007 what sort of drugs are you on. Save me some. Er, bacon that is.

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