Almost 60 years ago, The Watchtower made a prediction that has proven to be amazingly accurate.

by Bonnie_Clyde 12 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Dunedain
    Is the OP being sarcastic here? I am honestly not understanding whats up with this post.
  • Vidiot
    The WTS "predicting" that the media will be more "distracting" in the future is like the weatherman "predicting" that it'll rain sometime in the next decade.
  • kaik
    If you read some publications by Rutherford from 1920's, he made similar observation on technological progress as sign of the end of times. I do not remember which publication it was, but it was one of these in the interwar periods, where Rutherford mentioned radios, planes, cars, phones, and new media TV as sign of impending doom of the humanity during "A". That was 80-85 years ago. Who would know that car and phone would be common? Yeah, some visionaries and industrial leaders did, and Rutherford was not unique on these observations.

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