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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    It can all be explained WITHOUT A WHOLE VIRUS.

    They have just done studies where they take the S1 sub unit. The whole unit of the Corona Virus has the body and it has the corona or crown and the spike proteins. And the spike proteins are the pathogen (that which causes the disease) or so they said. But now they say they are only part of it. Ie they are the SUB UNIT.

    The S1 sub unit, when they injected it into mice tails went all over the mouse, so

    1) It distributes

    2) It makes all the symptoms of COVID


    What they can isolate now in the lungs of those theoretically dying of COVID, they get the solution (this recently came out of California) – the pathology lab people said “we have tried to isolate in this lung fluid, of which we have had 1500 samples, they have been sent to UCLA and Stanford, none of us can isolate SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19). WHAT WE ARE ISOLATING IS INFLUENZA A AND INFLUENZA B. AND THEY CAN’T GET A PURE SAMPLE OF THIS THING FROM THE CDC. That should raise a bunch of questions and red flags.

    No one has proven this was a viral outbreak. It looked like one.

    This looked like a viral outbreak on the charts. The figures were going up. But then it looked like classic seasonal flu – it really fizzled out. It presented on the charts as a classic SEASONAL viral death curve - LIKE FLU.

    So what if this whole thing was because 3 cities were sprayed?

    Huston didn’t go down. Omaha and Chicago didn’t go down

    It was three cities that reported all these problems. A city in Italy, Wuhan and NY City and it only happened for a little while.

  • FedUpJW

    Anyway it's starting to look like the game might be over for COVID hysteria.

    Sadly the U.S. is heading the other way. There was a gubmint leech just a day or so ago that is proposing that anyone that chooses not to submit to the gene-therapy injection should be placed on a no-fly list. Never mind that the largest increases of the Delta "variant" side effect of the inijection seems to be surging where mask mandates have been trotted out again, and most subjects have submitted to the jab.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Is it possible that the Delta variant has been confused with hay fever?

    Oooh maybe.

    The ones who haven't been vaccinated are safe to fly because they have less risk of blood clots. But it might be wise not to fly at the moment because if your pilot has been vaccinated, he or she might develop a blood clot and die while flying the plane.

    Of course there is generally a co-pilot who could take over flying the plane but probably in order to keep their jab sorry, I mean job, the co-pilot will also have been vaccinated. Therefore there is a risk that both pilots could suffer serious health issues whilst flying your plane. So at the moment it might be best not to fly anyway.

    Stay safe.

  • TD

    I'm still curious why someone would believe a toilet paper level tabloid would be a credible source.

    No offense intended, Anna Marina. You seem like a wonderful person. Just perhaps not familiar with Bild-Zeitung

  • Jeffro
    Oh great, another person spreading misinformation. Of the very, very small proportion of people who develop blood clots following the AstraZeneca vaccine (which happens because the virus component in that vaccine could also trigger blood clots in those people if they got COVID), it generally happens a short time after being vaccinated, and pilots aren’t going to be jumping into a plane straight after vaccination.
  • shadowclone

    Vaccines can't work because viruses don't exist. Some people get a little sick from bad air. Nothing a good decongestant and maybe an air bath using pure air can't fix

  • smiddy3

    I`d like to know what planet the Corona-Virus deniers are on ,because I`m sure I`m not on the same planet as they are.

    I`m 82 years old and have had my first Astrazeneca jab and will have my second jab on the 9 sept..

    Neither my wife or myself had any side effects with the first jab and hopefully wont have any with the second one.

    But then again if you never hear from me again after the 9 Sept ,it`s been nice knowing you all.

  • asp59

    Convid is real. I hade it. Super tough 2 months. Was sure i was gonna die.

  • fulltimestudent
    smiddy3 - I`d like to know what planet the Corona-Virus deniers are on ,because I`m sure I`m not on the same planet as they are.

    Same here, mate!

    Had both AZ vacccinations, and nary a symptom.

    But whatever they think, or say, it's bloody real for these poor bastards in India, and so many other countries with very basic health services. Officially, India has something over 400,000 deaths, but who is counting the dead in the poverty stricken villages of India. I don't guess anything will change the minds of those who think its all fake, but have a look at this video. From Australia's ABC ( can be seen as fake I guess, because its government owned)
  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi TD - no I don't know what kind of paper BILD is - I just know it is a German paper and could see they were apologising.

    However I have worked in the health services and I know, as a person who dealt with the data, picking it up and doing the processes on it to push it out the front end (ie onto the public facing websites) that some of the data I was expected to process was made up. This was a good few years before any of this Corona Virus stuff.

    There were other odd things going on and I tried very hard to blow the whistle just on the fake data. But there was no one in authority who was willing to listen. In the end it was put to me like this :-

    "My love, my love they will not listen to you. They will never listen. Go quietly now."

    The one who said this was a seasoned IT person who was perfectly happy to take the many 100s of pounds per day he was given to sit there and watch the chaos grow. He was open about it. He did not approve of it but knew that despite his best advice and efforts the managers would not implement what was needed. So I handed in my notice and took his advice and went as a self-employed IT consultant.

    My manager described the work I had done as extraordinary. He himself said there had been no one like me, so capable of dealing with the data accurately. A previous manager had said something similar - he even described it as privilege working with me. Praise that frankly took me aback because I just did my job as a faithful, loyal employee who wanted to get it right to help others and do my part.

    Because I was so capable with data, it surprised me how much people like me are offered once they go as consultants. But I never did this for the money. I care about people and honesty is important to me because I know I answer to Jehovah and Jesus Christ. Let alone the fact that EVERY NHS employee is subject to the Nolan Principles - and principle number 6 is HONESTY.

    It is incredibly easy to mess with data. At the most basic level you just change the column heading from apples to pears or from flu to covid.

    A while back I briefly heard reports of someone advising the government who was a professor or similar. His SQL script had been examined and someone had effectively said 'this is spaghetti SQL'. What that means is the code he has put together is likely full of errors. It seems to work but he probably does not know why it works or if the results are 100% accurate (which they should be). How many people could challenge this guy? Of course I could but frankly I couldn't be bothered cause even if I prove him wrong what we facing is media induced hysteria. Bit like WT constantly saying 'you are going to die at Armageddon unless you wear a facemask,' oh no they don't say that do they. It's 'unless you lay 15 miles of cable and paint walls with a 2in paint brush and do paper rounds for us.'

    Anyway my advice for ANYONE wanting to know the health situation in their area - go into the hospitals and literally count who is in there with COVID. Next learn how to test for COVID and carry out the tests yourself. Believe what your own eyes and ears tell you in real life not what you get from a screen.

    If there is a pandemic going on you will hear constant ambulance sirens and there will be queues at the cemetery.

    Also - regarding spaghetti SQL - those who are 8-12 years old, might get educated (as a group - ie plenty of them) with enough skills to trash that academic's SQL. But how many people will have been vaccinated by the time they grow up?

    I have spoken up. That's because I care about the well being of my fellow man and woman. Yes even those who have thrown me out of what was my congregation because I knew that 1914 was wrong and I spoke up to warn others. I was thrown out because I would not shut up. If I had shut up I'd still be in now.

    One elder even called me IRRATIONAL for saying that I was certain that the 3rd year of Jehoiakim's rulership was... the 3rd year of Jehoiakim's rulership.

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