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    Great reference Stuckinarut! That video is great, no matter what some think of Cedars around here.

    The funny thing is that many, many of us “grokked” what was happening, we knew the Borg was fudging the numbers, shuffling Dubs to fill Kingdom Halls and create the illusion of expansion.

    All the while they were planning on consolidation and building meeting places that reek of commercial properties; buildings that can be flipped for profits, unlike the traditional Halls near more suburban and residential areas.

    None of us are rocket scientists or prophets, but common sense kicks in once the blinders fall off. It’s not hard to predict what a money grubbing corporation will do to ensure its own survival.


  • LevelThePlayingField

    Data-dog I agree with you. There definitely is something up. A JW could reason that it's just making use of all the seats. But why did it take all this time to determine this? And why all the sell-offs?

    I mean, sure, go ahead and maximize the available seats. That's fine. But why sell all those halls? It just doesn't smack right. And when something doesn't smack right, it's not right. Right?

  • Witchettygrub

    The Australian gov has set up the National Redress scheme for victims. Most churches/orgs have joined.

    JW org is lagging, nowhere to be seen as yet.

    In the state of Victoria the Catholic church was worth more than $9 billion, making it the biggest non-government property owner in the state – and much wealthier than it had admitted in evidence to major inquiries into child sexual abuse.
    Figures extrapolated from a huge volume of Victorian council valuation data showed the church had more than $30 billion in property and other assets, Australia wide.

    I don't think the org can match the Catholic church wealth or the Anglican - I know that most halls and churches of the Anglicans are to be sold off in Tasmania to pay out their victims.

    What the org has in real estate wealth here in Australia, kingdom halls, etc - reading through here can only mean they are in dire need to recompense their abuse victims also but telling the rank and file a different story.

  • joe134cd

    All this talk of decrease and KH been sold just warms my heart.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Did you ever think you'd see the day when churches & the org would have to sell off their properties to pay for victims care/compensation?

  • gerry

    I remember when I first became a witness they had a booklet that more or less said they had never lost a legal case because they had Jehovah's blessing. I think it was "Legally establishing the Good News"

    Hopefully victims can get financial compensation. Also I would rather that Watchtower have their charity status taken away from them too.

  • smiddy3

    Caboolture Kingdom Hall sold in 2009 for $1,650,00 Australian dollars. Now owned by Salvation Army.

    If you or I had any dealings in any way that would be a benefit to one of Babylon The Greats Churches ,you or I would face a JC and be dealt with accordingly .

    Apparently the same rules do not apply to the WT Organization when money is involved.

  • zeb

    I have gut feeling that each and every cong the world over has a mark against it financially and if and when they fall below that mark with donations to the wt they get sold up.. anyone in NY like to confirm, anyone anywhere.?

  • Crazyguy2

    I’m glad to see the Salvation Army seems to be doing well, my family left this good church to join the JWs cult. And they call me crazy.

  • joe134cd

    Crazyguy2 - I hate to burst your bubble but the Salvation Army sold their local church in my area years ago. I hate to say it but the KH is still standing.

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