Would Jesus have been disfellowshipped by the "Elders" of his day . . . . . .

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    I concur with Dunedain. Additionally, Jesus wore a beard and would be disdained by the Watchtower leadership for such. He was in many respects a victim of the self-serving leadership in 1st century. So too would he be a victim of of today's appaling leadership. Similarly, John the Baptist would be treated dreadfully and not least because of his being scantilly attired. His appaling treatment by today's Watchtower leadership would be inspite of James' counsel to be accepting and respectful to those wearing "vile raiment".

    Some young JW's reject the arrogance of the GB and pursue higher education. They and their parents are marginalised within the organisation as a result. Yet the GB, by deprecating such individuals, ignore the Divine counsel to "lead a quiet life and mind your own business" (1 Th 4:11) and not "be a busybody in other peoples' affairs" (1 Pet 4:15). Their arrogance (would make Nebuchadnezzar look humble) is such that these scriptures are not seen as applying to them. Thus they proscribe some things and prescribe others for the flock. So presumptious!

    I understand that the WTBTS monitors this and other "apostate" sites. Be it known to them that I know they defy Jesus' counsel wherein he says, "Let those who have ears to listen, listen well." They ignore many scriptures, mis-apply others, and distort many more in an essentially eisegetal NWT and appalingly written magazines and texts. Be it known to them that I, my family, and my friends are taking the only action we can - refraining from making financial contributions.

    We discretely talk to others about the newspaper reports of child abuse and sucessful victim lawsuits. We also explain to others, the WTBTS's tendency to contest most cases and its excessive use of denial. So it is increasingly easy to get individuals to abstain from making contributions.

    However, there is one important factor which makes it easier for my Bros and Sis to go on contributions strike. This is the demeanour and communication style of the GB on JW Broadcasting. So thank you GB for lending a hand, albeit unwittingly on your part!

  • Vidiot

    Dunedain - "Would Jesus have been disfellowshipped by the 'Elders' of his day?"

    I think a pretty strong argument could be made that crucifixion was a form of "extreme disfellowshipping".

  • freemindfade

    He was wasn't he? Disfellowshipping was a thing with the Jews at that time, banishing someone from the temple and wasn't he basically banished by the Pharisees?

    He disagreed with a self proclaimed "gods chosen earthly organization", he spoke critically of them in public, he taught things against their doctrine, he was the ultimate apostate, and because of it, he was censored, shunned, and eventually murdered.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Jesus said in Matt.5;44 "Love your enemies and Bless those who persecute you"

    So who are the enemies today. It's defiantly not worldly people, hell they don't

    know what JW's are about, they don't give a rats ass. So that leave us, ex-JWs.

    I don't believe calling people names (diseased Apostates) is what Jesus was talking about.

    Yes he would be DF big time, the GB would make sure of that.

  • Oubliette
    DOC beat me to it. Duh!
  • poopie
    Yes because he would speak to the dusfelowshipped ones.
  • Aleph

    The messiah, Jesus was rejected, and killed by his own people, in a way, it was much worse than D/f as it was considered for the jew as one of the worst malediction to be killed this way!

    However many time his father showed his approbation of him, from his baptism "here s my son the beloved", to the day before his death; he spoke within the temple ...

    Everyone should seek to please God, not humans.
    As a matter of fact, there were much problems within 1st anointed Christians congregations! They were no better men than men today ...

    D/f is really hard, God applied himself this principle with adam and eve, when he put them out of the garden of eden....However, he made them clothes, also God treated them with dignity, and he kept listening to humans, and talking to them on special occasions...

    In the same way, elder are supposed to seek for the "lost sheep" even d/f, and keep on listening to them if they feel the need, and in any case, treat others with dignity and respect, which it s not always the case, that i can tell from my own experience....

    If you feel or see others treat you as a "black sheep", try to think that it s not how humans judge you that matters, but really Jesus (as he has received the judgment), as he said "the judgment that i speak is just", be confident if you are repentant there s nothing from which you cannot be forgiven...

    Don't forget the day Jesus died, he forgave the sinner next to him... though this dude didn't do much to be in paradise, he only had faith in Jesus!

  • Dunedain
    The point of my OP, was to show how Jesus, today would be disfellowshipped by the Elders. The disfellowshipping "standards" of todays Elders, would have DEFINATELLY disfellowshipped even Jesus himself. Some here got my point, and i think for others, i should have worded it differently, but either way, there seems to be no doubting that todays Elders would have DF'd Jesus.
  • blondie

    *** w12 5/15 p. 30 “Watch Out for the Leaven of the Pharisees” ***

    3 The Pharisees’ rules and traditions made the application of the Law burdensome for the common people.

    The Mosaic Law furnished the overall structure for Israel’s worship of Jehovah. However, minute details were not provided. For instance, the Law forbade work on the Sabbath, but it did not explicitly define what constituted work and what did not. (Ex. 20:10) The Pharisees sought to fill in such supposed gaps by means of their laws, definitions, and traditions. While Jesus ignored the arbitrary rules of the Pharisees, he did observe the Mosaic Law. (Matt. 5:17, 18; 23:23) He saw beyond the letter of the Law. Jesus discerned the spirit behind the Law and the need for mercy and compassion. He was reasonable, even when his followers failed him. For example, although he urged three of his apostles to stay awake and keep on the watch on the night of his arrest, they fell asleep repeatedly. Nevertheless, he sympathetically remarked: “The spirit, of course, is eager, but the flesh is weak.”—Mark 14:34-42.

    *** w10 12/1 p. 20 Why Did They Reject the Messiah? ***

    The attitude of first-century Jewish religious leaders created a social climate that was hostile to anyone accepting Jesus as the Messiah. Taking pride in their prominent positions, they belittled anyone showing faith in Jesus, saying: “Not one of the rulers or of the Pharisees has put faith in him, has he?” (John 7:13, 48) Some Jewish leaders, such as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, did become disciples of Jesus, but they kept their faith secret out of fear. (John 3:1, 2; 12:42; 19:38, 39) The Jewish leaders had decreed that “if anyone confessed [Jesus] as Christ, he should get expelled from the synagogue.” (John 9:22) Such a person would be shunned and scorned as a social outcast.

    (John 11:45-53) 45 Therefore many of the Jews that had come to Mary and that beheld what he did put faith in him; 46 but some of them went off to the Pharisees and told them the things Jesus did. 47 Consequently the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered the Sanhe·drin together and began to say: “What are we to do, because this man performs many signs? 48 If we let him alone this way, they will all put faith in him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.” 49 But a certain one of them, Caia·phas, who was high priest that year, said to them: “YOU do not know anything at all, 50 and YOU do not reason out that it is to YOUR benefit for one man to die in behalf of the people and not for the whole nation to be destroyed.” 51 This, though, he did not say of his own originality; but because he was high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus was destined to die for the nation, 52 and not for the nation only, but in order that the children of God who are scattered about he might also gather together in one. 53 Therefore from that day on they took counsel to kill him.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, for "brazen conduct".

    He "brazenly" went against the established procedures.....and showed no "remorse" for it either! And he managed to get others to follow his "brazenness"!

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