Would Jesus have been disfellowshipped by the "Elders" of his day . . . . . .

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  • Dunedain

    I bet Jesus would have been DF'd by the "elders" in his day. Lets think about it, Jesus hung out with "worldly" people. His closest friends were known prostitutes, money collectors, men of "prominence" in the world of that day, non "beleivers" of the "faith" like Samaritans, and many others that todays "elders" would have deemed "unworthy".

    Jesus spoke against the "organization" and "elders" of his day. Heck, the scribes and pharisees were the religious leaders, and would have been equal to todays elders. Well, Jesus condemned them and their running of the congregation. That would have branded you an "apostate", by todays Elders standards.

    Jesus, probably would have been shunned and considered "spiritually dead", in a congregation today, by its Elders, simply because he wasnt baptised till 30 years old. I mean, he was only the son of God, what did he know. JW children today should know what it means to dedicate your LIFE, by the tender age of 15 or 16, THE MOST. Otherwise, there must be something wrong with you, and your relationship with God, and btw you should be forever judged by it. Just because Jesus himself waited till he was 30, shouldnt mean anything.

    Jesus wouldnt have gotten any privileges by todays Elders. He would have been considered on the fringe, and not fully dedicated to the organization. No microphone holding for him, no Watchtower reading for him, no sir, he probably wouldny have even been a publisher.

    Jesus's re-teaching of scripture, and re-writing of the law, and speaking out against Isreal/organization, would have been the last straw for todays Elders. Yes, they WOULD have Disfellowshipped even Jesus himself, in todays organization. Technically putting him to death, just like the scribes and pharisees of his day. The Elders, as the "supposed" shepards of the flock, would have thrown Jesus to the "wolves", and DF'd him.This is just like todays Elders, who claim to be shepards, but think nothing of throwing their sheep to the "world", to fend for themselves. What "wonderful" flock leaders, i bet they would have put Jesus to death too.

  • DesirousOfChange


    HELL NO! They nailed him to a cross/stake/whatever!

    (Well, same thing in a JWs eyes.)


  • vinman
    You make some very good points. In fact, I think I have a couple of elders I would like to share my "new light" with.
  • Sabin
    & don't forget he was also poor, no money for the contribution box.
  • Simon

    Yeah, my first thought was ... yes! (they killed him)

    He was the hippy radical against the system. No one who'd worked their way up to a position of power likes to be told that the system is going to be overthrown - they want it to continue now they have their seat at the top.

  • prologos
    well, he was kind of in the TMS, having a reading part with comments. so after that assignment's delivery, they were going to kill him by throwing him over the cliff (may be the same one that the demonized pigs used? Anyway, that failing, they changed the meeting in the synagogue to not allow comments by male bible readers any more. ( Oh I forgot I am not allowed to use type/antitype anymore. As we see by that example, wt has taken the copying the first century events to new heights, pigs and all.
  • jhine

    When reading the OP it is very obvious how like the 1st century Pharisees , Saducees and Priests the W T leadership is . Nothing like the Early Church .

    Brilliant observation .


  • iconoclastic
    He will simply repeat what he did in Mathew 23 which will definitely attract d/f from the faithful and discreet class.
  • Alive!


    The character of Jesus has absolutely nothing in common with the religious culture of The Watchtower.

    So - back in the mid to late 1800s, a man called C.T. Russell went 'searching' - he worked with numerology/pyramid mystic key points - nice foundation for the 'real Christian congregation' ahem.

    Wonder how Jesus would have felt about 'judge' Rutherford consulting with demons?

    I can't understand how a man ( Rutherford) can excuse himself from making such false prophetic statements - 1) the resurrection of the ancient patriarchs to live in his purpose built mansion - obviously he was listening to the wrong inspirations - certainly didn't come from 'Jesus'.

    Why wasn't Rutherford disfellowshipped - surely spritistic false prophecy is a gross sin? He made Jehovah's name look foolish at that time - in the worst possible way - and he didn't get disciplined?

    Oh - I forgot. He was just a dear imperfect 'annointed' brother - hmmmmm.

  • Alive!
    Just to add - that's not a judgement call re Rutherford or Russell - their journey, not ours. The issue - do we follow this very specific sect which does not allow for mutual dialogue / or keep searching and knocking?

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